Done! 😁 Now waiting for the caps shipment.
I’m really happy about the quality of my SMT hand soldering. :3

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@Kooda the pcb looks superclean. Very good layout there. Congratulations.

What are the extra interfaces for?

@ekaitz_zarraga Thanks ^^ These are the last two PCBs I had left, there are 5 of these keyboard now. :D

There’s a mini-USB port for obvious purposes, and the pin socket is an extension port with 5V power supply and 8 IO ports from the µC, including the SPI bus. You can connect a little screen for example, or use the keyboard like an arduino.

There’s also a speaker port connected to a PWM output. I want to use one of them as a MIDI controller + basic synthesizer.

@ekaitz_zarraga Yep, that was the plan ! Also easy to make, no need for assembly services.
I also kind of want to try to put a BASIC or Forth or Lisp on the µC and use it as a very tiny computer (with a little character screen). ^^

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