Do any of you know nice sample packs that I could load on my volca sample?
I'd like some basics like Kick, Snare etc. and some glichty/industrial stuff and maybe some weird warm analogue stuff

It's running Orca-C now yaaaaay
I can only control one volca now, but once my splitter arrives I'll be able to do all 5. Does anyone know how to increase the size of orca-c? It's a bit small for my eyes right now. And also, how would I go about autostarting it? I am a total lonux n00b

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iterating on my wireless, self-contained Orca performance 'briefcase' :)

I'm having some problems installing orca on my raspberry, I have tried installing it with the build, where I didn't know how to start the application, and also installed it now with npm, but can't start it. Anypne know how to do it or to get the build to run?

Finally built the second level to stow away the fx & cables, still missing the raspi on the upper left corner but once it's there I'll be able to control all 5 volcas with orca as well as their own sequencers and ribbon keyboards. I am hyped

Just ordered all the stuff to finish the Synth Suitcase. hype

my friends Hansi Raber and Jerobeam Fenderson got featured! I hope I'll see them at the Schmiede in a week

I've been in Spelkollektivet in Sweden for the last 4 days and I made a small game during our indie school trip jam :)
It's a really cool place

I just discovered androids monochrome mode and it's life changing

Some person made a Let's Play of my second semester project and it's kind of surreal

Found this: Spare Screens for the Blackberry Passport. If someone could hack that to get it to work with a raspi, that would be a 1440x1440 1:1 Touchscreen for 13,99!!!!! Holy moly

Ooooh wow I'm only now realizing that each pin has an LED to show it's activity that's so cool


- 1:1 Screen
- physical Keyboard

If I could get this to run android... I might just switch to that

Why aren't there square 1:1 smartphones I need one

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