Any tips on debugging electronics? I soldered a DIY kit of a lowpass filter and I only get a lot of humming and very, very faint sound through

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@drisc @rutherford I always shift between #030303 and #161616. Sometimes #202020

Good news everyone, my orca workshop on the a maze has been approved for friday the 12. April !

This photo was taken with a really really old camera and developed by hand by a friend of mine last year. It's one of the best photos of me that exist. I had to sit still for quite a while :D

I am leaving my exhausting Automobile internship on friday. I'll finally have time for some orca!

Hey people,

I will be giving an orca workshop at the A MAZE Festival in a month.

I still have some questions:

what do Linux and Apple users use instead of loopmidi?

is there an easy way to make an Orca Theme?

I thought hard and long about a good Music Persona Name, do you think "Ruecksturz"
is fine? Can non-Germans even speak that?

It's a word from an old german sci-fi series, where they used the word to describe atmosphere reentry. It's literal meaning is "Back-Drop". The show was called "Raumpatrouillie Orion" and it was basically german Star Trek.

The lead singer had breast cancer last year, and this is such an intimate video that it just struck me

Joseph Rheinberger wrote this when he was 16.

This is almost what I was thinking about doing: I think the classical samples are an amazing fit to the microsounds/lowercase sound. I will definitely try more of that, even though I'd still like more warm, analogue synth, noisy elements, also some Klaus Schulze arps. I'm closing in on the sound for myself that I was searching for :)

Does one of you know how to make Seitan lighter? Everytime I make some it's really heavy on my stomach, and I feel super full

Do any of you know a good book about finishing stuff? I seem to never really finish any of my projects

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