Not supposed to show anything about my Bachelor's thesis to the internet but anyway here's my Level generator

I had a small revelation recently.
I always knew I didn't look people in the eyes a lot when we talked; I always thought it was just normal or that it was just feeling weird to me. Then it occured to me that it's my ADD?


So yeah.

The new Warchmen Series is really good and the Sountrack by Trent Raznor and Atticus Ross is so. Good.

what would be the most minimal DJ setup? I would really like to learn how to actually DJ

No idea if ppl here like this - it's a song by an austrian band about getting really drunk and having to walk home. That specific accent is spoken in a really small part of austria, and most germans don't understand it (austrians may). I just like this song.

Is there something like imposter syndrome for social stuff? Because I feel like I am only acting as if I am a good person lately, well knowing that it's nit the case but still feeling like it

A nice doodle on my mom's grand piano for a nice sunday. Weather is perfect and I'm doing my taxes with my friends :3

Inktober is'nt going too well, I'm still at Overgrowth lol

Oooof the react day berlin tickets are really expensive, I don't think I'll go to @neauoire's livecoding session there :(

@neauoire btw, when you were at XOXO, did you see the talk from harry brewis?

We're blocking the big star in Berlin since 2 Days! It's a giant roundabout connecting 5 main transfer streets, the police is having a hard time to carry away that many

Finally, I can power pedals with the same Powerbank as the Volcas now

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