non-optional tasks for today:
----Tutorial for Cubular because I'll show it Tuesday at the Talk&Play Indie Meetup

Optional: Pls vote one T-T
----Solder DIRT Filter Kit from Synthrotek
----Make Orca+VCV Piece
----Make Ambient with Blofeld
----Make Orca+Dogrid Stuff
----Read a book

a car drive with jean-michel jarre, where he talks about how it is easy to create something dark, but creating something bright and joyful is hard if it is supposed to be honest.
Only the start is german, rest in english

I made an orca theme based on cubular :D

god damn I am so sorry I'm not doing having any good orca output anymore. I am working a lot, and since my workplace is 220 km away, I have to commute for about 6 hours a day, and my sleep schedule is really messed up. Sorry, I'm just too tired to be creative

Update on my artistic identity crisis: I have a lead. One of my problems was, that the reductive, minimalist aesthetic I love so much seemed too serious, grim and mechanical. I was trying to find a way to combine this with a joyful, kind feeling - which I had no idea how to do. How can a black cube be joyful? But then I remembered the Art of Agnes Martin, who actually made great joyful minimalist art. I will research in this direction.

I'd specifically create a Post Processing Effect in Unity's Post Processing Stack v2

heya, I'd like to replicate the ArcGIS hand-drawn line effect in Unity. I already talked with Raluca Nicola on twitter, and as far as I understand, they spawn billboards with line textures on them on edges with steep angles or something? I'm still confused on what's really happening. Could anyone help me decipher what exactly is happening?

white controls virtual drum instruments, black controls the actual hardware synths. but i also play

Does anyone have an idea on how to generate those patterns (alps heightmap)

This sounds like a Soundtrack to a ghibli movie that was never made

I just can't seem to get a grip on an artistic identity for myself. I feel so fragmented in what I am trying to do. Do any of you feel the same or have help?

now I'm only missing a Waldorf Streichfett and I'm basically Klaus Schulze

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