Just watched Tokyo Godfathers for the first time and it's the only chrostmas movie I ever liked

@neauoire, how would I go about implementing a variable timestep into orca? The frame stutters I sometimes get are a little annoying, I'd like to have the option

shit, how do I find a good Music name?

I kind of want it to be hackery/digital, a little bit of ironic 1337 H4X0R is ok too

@rek you shared an awesome pop punk band a while ago and I listened to it quite a lot after that, but now I forgot the name, help me T-T

I just love tiny single-function electronics. I just bought this tiny dictaphone, it can record and play 60sec of lo-fi sound and has a little flag and a magnet at the back to fix it to stuff (it's supposed to be for your fridge to communicate with your roomates or family)

For all Berlin Merveillians: Next Tuesday I'll be showing a game at Talk&Play, a quarter-yearly indie games scene event. It's gonna be at the Game Science Center and starts 19:00, there's gonna be nice group of diverse creatives, some talks and it's also a good place if you're searching for work :)


Twitter has become a lot more fun since I started generously blocking nazis.

I just got glasses for the first time in my life, and it turns out I had quite a big astigmatism in my left eye, which my right eye always managed to compensate so well that I would still see perfectly. It just makes looking at things exhausting for my left eye especially, and focusing on a viewpoint kinda hard - my focus always flickering a bit. So now that I have my glasses I seem to have a much easier time concentrating on tasks - but it makes me feel a bit sick :D

I will try the Orca/Hyda combination again tomorrow, when I'm with my good computer :D The old one at home has a Phenom 2 X4, that won't do it

Okay, so getting ORCA imagery into Hydasynth was far easier than expected - I just got an OBS addon that let's me have it as a virtual webcam. It got really performance intensive though, so as I tried to record everything, everything crashed, and my DAW doesn't wan't to cooperate since :D But yeah, really cool, especially since I could just send my Webcam image with hydra to someone elses hydra, and they could do VJing with my Orca Video. neato neato

@neauoire @eel I imagine just having a different tab open on another screen(the stage projector) running hydra and streaming from your main screen where ORCA runs.

I just found out that hydrasynth can receive WebRTC Streams from other hydra instrances. @neauoire, how hard would it be to stream ORCA-Web into Hydrasynth? Would be amazing for Shows, like @eel did with OBS

@dom oh hey, didn't even realize you're on merveilles too :D

I just had a really nice video call with Zach Liebermann, I think I found a problem in my work, which is that I don't have/develop comfort zones? I'm jumping from project to project, never staying in a place for long, which makes in-depth development of a direction I go to almost Impossible - as soon as I reach my goal, I start doing something else... Dies anyone know this? Are there books that would be interesting to read that you know?

One of the best talks I have seen in a long time. "Ludocapitalsm" is one of my new favourite words now. It's originally in german


I'm feeling pretty bummed out lately. I seem to have no no dreams, big plans or high hopes for anything right now. :(

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