I should clean more often: Found an A MAZE:MAGAZINE with an interview with @neauoire from 2015. It's really sad they're not making the magazines anymore

Just found this artefact: my first digital pen I used it so much that it broke again and again, until you could see the magnetic spool. Always fixed it with thread. It's sad I dob't really draw anymore

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Thank you all so much for your help! I just switched the tubes on the amp and the side not working also switched. Just ordered new tubes, should arrive soon. Now I only have to get this synthrotek DIRT to work and can stow away my soldering stuff :D

New Plan: 3+ Volcas per side (top and bottom of the suitcase), fading between them like a DJ between Records. Have Headphones connected so L is A-SIde mono and R is B-Side mono, then change the side people can't hear and then fade over. A Double buffer, so to speak

Found a ~35€ Mini DJ Mixer I can power with 12V from a USB Powerbank. has two channels with gain and a master gain, a DJ Fader between them and for each channel A lowpass and a highpass filter. Also 3 outputs and a Mic input. This thing just solved 80% of the Utility Problems I had with my Synth Suitcase.

I just assembled this tube preamp/overdrive and the left channel is far too weak. Does anyone of you know a process of how to find the error?

Hello, internet friends!
I have finished my last group project in University. Don't let the wonderful visuals fool you, It gives me a proper breakdown. It has turned out to be a buggy heap of randomly assembeled interactions, we had team problems etc. and I am feeling absolutely terrible. None of the 4 big projects I made are in any state of completion, and only some are interesting to begin with. I like to think of myself like someone very versed at game design, but it doesn't seem true to me

Little suitcase Update: got a TRRS adapter so now I can record sound to phone directly(mono though), also found a way to organize space so I could potentially fit 8 volcas + pedals or 6 + keyboard. With Raspi+ORCA and a midi splitter I could control 4 of the volcas. Now I only need money lol

(Sorry for the tilted video)

I have started to build an autonomous synth setup, should have space for 8 volcas or 6 volcas and a couple pedals or 4 volcas, pedals and a midi keyboard. Does anyone know some interesting, cheap pedals?

My brother found this trackball mouse and the whole design just screams Digimon

To everyone of you who made an album or any other release before: How did you mix/master? It's a complete mystery to me, I know it's not good but can't recognize what to change

Got my Korg Volca Bass hooked up to orca - I thought that maybe since it's 3 oscillators can be used separately it would be on 3 midi ports. For some reason though, the only midi port working is 3, and it's controlling all of them, so I can only use it as a monosynth with orca

Got myself this bad boy. It has been outfitted by the guy who sold it with regular-sized knobs. Sounds really good

I hope Jerobeam Fenderson will attend too, would be amazing to see what he would do with orca


Will any of you come to Schmiede? It's a perfect place for Merveillians.
Media Art in the mountains, in old saltworks, with vegan catering

I think application deadline is already through, but I guess you can still apply


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