Maybe I will build an 88-Fader Piano Style MIDI Controller. Each Fade just constantly sends the MIDI notes and the faders control the velocity behind it.(might just not send if they're at zero, to save bandwidth)

I am kind of conflicted about who I can tell stories about; I am a white cis het man, but telling stories about white men and their problems is absolutely boring - but then, trans/poc/women should tell their own stories, I don't really have the perspective, and I don't want to get anything wrong

So yeah, I'm not sure what stories I should tell

Does anyone know good sites to get display fonts that can be used in commercial game projects?

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Next up in our journey through the cyberpunk aesthetic in the demo scene: a thumbing gem of a demo for a retro machine that never existed.


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She is amazing. Always write descriptions of your pictures, for people visiting on digital braille machines

My Laptop has arrived, and I am really happy of the no-bullshit kind of way XMG has built these. This machine feels like it belongs to me much more than any computer I have owned before. It really seems like it's designed to be owned and maintained.

Bass Clarinets are extremely underrated Bass instruments. The sound is just fantastic.

Also Music for 18 Musicians is so vibrant. Pure, floating textures and patterns, like an Agnes Martin painting

XMG Fusion 15 is on it's way... I chose it because of it's good repairability and good tech support. Made by Schenker in Leipzig, it seems they have inherited some eastern-bloc sturdiness

I bricked my notebook. I am such a moron. When I wanted to remove the battery cable, the small metal bracket holding it just came off(I was very careful, no idea why) and fell onto the board, shorting it. There was lightning and smoke. This just feels terrible. I put so much love and work into this machine... And money. Uuuuuuugh. I hate everything.

if anyone wants to help: I would really really love a datasheet of the ite 8171fn-56 SIO chip

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My PC still has its fan on 100%, I have found the issue though: the Embedded Controller chip, for some reason, got the fan values stuck at 0x08, which is it's max - in register 0x97 and 0x98, that's the two fans. Sadly, I can't write them - one of all these registers is a flag that enables them to be written to. But it could also brick my PC. This is the worst round of minesweeper

I need some help, my friends. My Asus GL702ZC Laptop suddenly has its fans on 100% all the time. Even in BIOS, where there are no manual overrides for the fan speeds? Temperatures are really low. SpeedFan doesn't find any controllable fans, and NoteBook FanControl doesn't do anything even thought it has a specific profile for the model. Updated BIOS, reconnected every cable, even removed the CMOS battery. Still 💯. Could it be possible to have a custom bios with overrides?

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