haven't touched music making in a while... aw man

In two days, the end of world war two in germany will be 74 years ago. Im 1992, an artist started to put brass stones everywhere around Berlin, engraved with the names of the jewish families that lived at that house, and how they died. It is custom to polish these stones at the eighth of may, and sometimes, people put candles up, like today.
They're called the Stumbling Stones, because you are supposed to trip over them once in a while, a reminder of what cruelties humans are capable of

Victoria(2015) is the one Film I wish I could watch for the first time again. I'll post the trailer but it spoils some things, best to not to watch it before watching the film. It's one take. It's half german, half english and if you don't understand german, I think it might be even better.

Music by Nils Frahm, DJ Koze and Deichkind.

God damn I wish I saw that film in cinema


Does anyone know how to get the "Borderless" Orca on Windows?

I want each song to have a different visualization shader in the Background and a Poem next to it

I'll try to make an EP with Orca when I get home from Switzerland. I have a lot to do for University, I have a team and we'll make a game - but I will still try to make time.

I will make about 5 songs, each with Orca. I'll record the MIDI output and postprocess everything in FL, fine-tuning automation and maybe adding or taking away things, propably learning how to mix and master properly.

I want to make a Website with Unity's HTML5 Export, featuring a square EP.

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“There once was a scrappier internet—where offbeat chat rooms and eccentric websites reigned. Artists, too, forged communities in the spirit of collaboration and learning.”


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I'm in Zermatt, Switzerland right now - the Alps are the most beautiful thing to me - and I was astonished how emission-free this vacation is. I was travelling by train, and German Railway is 100% renewable since a couple years. Switzerland's trains must also be, since it's almost completely powered by dams. Here in Zermatt, the streets are too small for cars, so everything is done by small electric carts like those on airports. It's so refreshing to know I traveled without much emmision.

Btw, what happened to orca's seethrough-mode?

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