I'd really like to ditch wordpress and make my portfolio website myself. What tools/frameworks/languages are the easiest/most flexible and how long should it take me to be able to make a portfolio website with pictures/videos/gifs/html5 webGL games

@Lutrinus well it really depends on what comfort you want. Do you want a back office with a visual editor? Just markdown files?

@thomasorus I'd like to have a visual editor where I can also open the code

@thomasorus basically an editor for layout that generates the website's code where I can also get inside the code and write into the generated code. I'll research more on how this would work but I'm sure there's solutions for this?

@Lutrinus Most solutions today are static site generators. You code your templates and you put your content in markdown or text files. Does that sound good to your ears?

@Lutrinus cargo collective gives a lot of design freedom, and lets you edit the page visually and with scripting if you'd like.

@Lutrinus i just did a page with hugo. Has a great selection of themes to choose from and was easy to edit the css and such to suit my needs.

@Lutrinus Lektor¹ is a really nice python-based static site generator that has an optional web-based graphical admin. It takes a little setup but it should be able to do what you need.


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