A coop owned patreon alternative with only 2.5 percent fee. Might be of interest ro @rek and @neauoire, and to everyone really

@Lutrinus @rek @neauoire fuck me, this would be great if they can make it work.

@Lutrinus @rek @neauoire

Are you aware of @Liberapay? comradery seems to be closed-source. Libera-Pay on the other hand is open-source, working reliably for years and has a good track-record of keeping fees to a minimum.

@uniq @rek @neauoire @Liberapay
I just asked one of the ppl from comradery, and apparently they have looked at librapay and the difference is basically that you can do tiers and rewards like on patreon, which librapay can't do

@uniq I just sent them an email to info at to kindly ask them to use a free software license.

I'd invite everyone to do the same. Being an incipient project allied to community values, we may have enough time to convince them to think about this (if they weren't already).

@Lutrinus It's about time someone tried this. Will be following, hopefully I can convince some people to switch. Still don't trust Patreon after the processing fee scandal a couple years ago...

@Lutrinus @rek @neauoire
I want to see the day that digital currency exchange has zero processing fee. Cash managed it why hasn't anyone made a digital currency that does the same?

@Lutrinus @rek @neauoire or just use @Liberapay without the 2.5 fee. That's only the Stripe or PayPal fee.

@Lutrinus @rek @neauoire this looks extremely promising! I hope more creators hear about it.

@Lutrinus @rek @neauoire
I think it could be implemented with ActiivityPub. Account which publish some content wich needs donations, could have follow accept after micropayment with crypto

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