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Hello everyone, I'm Matúš Solčány, i currently study masters information design in the Netherlands. In the past time i do generative art and organize clojure+quil workshops in the uni.

I've been lurking about in the public section of Merveilles for a while now and i like the general ethos of using code for other than commercial and utilitarian purposes. Below is my latest generative work, a poster for the Quil workshop. Thanks for having me :)

Hey Merveilles, can you recommend multiplayer games that are based on non violent and non competitive collaboration?

Altough the chaotic nature of it is why i love doing it so much

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I'm getting some furry results. The trickiest part of generative art for me is figuring out the rules that will bring some order to usually completely chaotic composition of a generated image

Show thread is a website hosted from solar powered network of servers around the world. The node with the most sunlight at the moment is the active server

For the past few weeks i've been working on fixing my older piece of generative spaghetti code. Recently I got to the stage where i can experiment with it 🙂

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today i found the most monads online person in existence: Anatoly Fomenko, a russian/soviet mathematician and writer of several pseudohistorical novels about how everything we think happened in the ancient world actually happened in medieval times, who makes impressive gothic art based off topography

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Great research and counter-argument to the criticisms of NFT lately. By Sterling Crispin.

"Attention is a finite resource, and outrage is a type of attention. We should focus our efforts where it actually matters"

Hey Merveilles, I'm looking for philosophical reading on art and machine learning.

Generative and ml art seem to be shifting the role of an artist from direct authorship to curation. Like observing and photographing the natural phenomena of an alien world

There's a beautiful church ruin near my place, This weekend I've been messing with Blender and a 3d scan that I've made recently

Thanks everyone for the boosts and some great artists!

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Something akin to the style of The Return Of Obra Dinn

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Hey Merveilles, do you know of any 3d artists who make low-fi, low-poly, rough around the edges, unpolished, preferably non abstract art?

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some alarming climate stats

# bitcoin
685 kWh per transaction
326 Kg of CO2
equivalent to 100,000 VISA transactions.

# ethereum
35 kWh per transaction
20 Kg of CO2
equivalent to driving car 100km or electricity consumption of a European for 4 days

The 70 images are 250kb heavy on average at 1400x900. The landing page thumbnails are 100kb on average at 1024x601 and there's 12 of them. I'm keeping them at relatively high resolution for mobile devices.

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Most of the video size comes from bad compression of .ogg, where mp4 or webm has ~5mb .ogg needs ~20mb to maintain the quality.

the 50kbs of css comes mostly from the Tachyons library, i think i could eventually get it down to ~10kb or less

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I redesigned my portflio at it's built with Gohugo. The portfolio works without javascript and is 140mb heavy. About 100mb of the size are 4 videos in 3 different formats, the rest are ~70 compressed images, 100kb of a custom font, 50kb of css and about 8kb of js.

The next step is to finish developing a wiki and some initial content for it

What does Merveilles think about the environmental impact of crypto art?

On one hand i'm finding the amount of the electricity needed to sustain it horrible, on the other i'm happy to see that exclusively digital artists can make living and get recognition through it

Thanks everyone for the tips! i checked them out and i like the Pattern Recognition!

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