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Hello everyone, I'm Matúš Solčány, i currently study masters information design in the Netherlands. In the past time i do generative art and organize clojure+quil workshops in the uni.

I've been lurking about in the public section of Merveilles for a while now and i like the general ethos of using code for other than commercial and utilitarian purposes. Below is my latest generative work, a poster for the Quil workshop. Thanks for having me :)

I've Been listening to this Evangelion playlist recently, it's a collection of mostly ambient tracks from the later episodes of the series, introspective and eerie

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@Matsol just to show you what it could be, i did a fast and dirty try out here:
Files prefixed with a 2 digits number show the process (png>svg>blend>godot).
It's not automated at all, but it could be without too much problem.
I hope you'll like it :)
#godotengine #gamedev #generative

Can't get enough of these latent walks so I made one that walks through 100 different dungeons

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RGBFAQ is a cool documentary about synthetic data, simulations and computer graphics

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I implemented a different generative network architecture and this one's finally working, it generates plausible dungeon layouts.

I find the learning process itself as interesting as the generated layouts. From shapeless blobs to dungeon corridors

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Biosphere's new album Angel's Flight is great! A blend of classical music and the chilly atmosphere of Substrata

I got a second hand bible for my birthday. Does Merveilles folk have interesting passages to recommend?

This issue is known as mode collapse and is most likely caused by relatively small dataset of dungeon images that i collected(about 350 images). The next step is to augment the dataset by cropping and transforming the images, thus creating a larger training dataset

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I finished training my first image generating neural network. The goal is to generate dungeon layouts based on dungeons from existing fps and rpg games.

The training process consists of the generator generating images and the discriminator judging whether the generated images are plausible dungeon layouts.

Unfortunately the generator has learnt to trick discriminator with only 2 slightly varying images, and it keeps generating them over and over.

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Being a designer-developer seems to be a tricky occupation in the eu's job market right now. It's hard to get a design job for me because i'm not a specialist and my design work is often code related. On the other hand i don't know all the tools and workflows necessary to get an actual front end dev job. Creative dev positions are great for generalists but they're very sparse

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The last interview out of 4 total or so didn't go very well and I didn't get the job in the end. My portfolio was considered too non-commercial for the company and the art directors thought that i wouldn't be able to communicate with their designers as a developer well enough

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Time trackers here I come. The first entry in my tracking journal adopted from @neauoire

@neauoire I'm adapting your tracking system to my needs. I'm wondering what code would you assign to activity like reading a technical book to implement a project? Do you track auxiliary activities that contribute to a project indirectly?

@ice thanks for your recent post and @neauoire for the detailed documentation on your web :tealheart:

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I've been working on personal projects for years, looking back I have no clue how much time i spent on each of them, which ones lead to productive sessions and which to procrastination. I'm starting to track my next sessions with a plain text file I'll build a parser later

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