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Hello everyone, I'm Matúš Solčány, i currently study masters information design in the Netherlands. In the past time i do generative art and organize clojure+quil workshops in the uni.

I've been lurking about in the public section of Merveilles for a while now and i like the general ethos of using code for other than commercial and utilitarian purposes. Below is my latest generative work, a poster for the Quil workshop. Thanks for having me :)

The 70 images are 250kb heavy on average at 1400x900. The landing page thumbnails are 100kb on average at 1024x601 and there's 12 of them. I'm keeping them at relatively high resolution for mobile devices.

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Most of the video size comes from bad compression of .ogg, where mp4 or webm has ~5mb .ogg needs ~20mb to maintain the quality.

the 50kbs of css comes mostly from the Tachyons library, i think i could eventually get it down to ~10kb or less

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I redesigned my portflio at it's built with Gohugo. The portfolio works without javascript and is 140mb heavy. About 100mb of the size are 4 videos in 3 different formats, the rest are ~70 compressed images, 100kb of a custom font, 50kb of css and about 8kb of js.

The next step is to finish developing a wiki and some initial content for it

What does Merveilles think about the environmental impact of crypto art?

On one hand i'm finding the amount of the electricity needed to sustain it horrible, on the other i'm happy to see that exclusively digital artists can make living and get recognition through it

Thanks everyone for the tips! i checked them out and i like the Pattern Recognition!

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Parametric Press released a new issue about climate change. If you're into interactive simulations you might like it

I've been having a william gibson itch recently. I didn't like neuromancer very much. I want to give him another chance. What is your favorite trilogy of his?

I spent the weekend with a friend living on a repurposed ww2 tanker docked in Amsterdam

AoC is fun! I was considering using clojure, but I'm more comfortable with js.

When I do coding challenges and try to tame a less familiar language while tackling the challenges themselves I burn out quickly. This time i want to focus on the coding challenges only.

I brute forced my way through day 1, I'll think about a more elegant solution later:

Artworks of the recent Swans albums and Michael Gira's drawings have a big impact on my art.

The raw drawing material in their cover art often gets space in the composition to express itself.

It's now a ritual for me to dedicate some of this 'raw' space in each artwork that i make

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Merveilles radically changed everything that i thought good software was. Thank you

@stevelord @river I want to have my notes online while being able to easily add new or or edit the existing ones. (For example through git, don't need a gui for that)

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My Notes app has been getting filled with notes on how to do things with software.

I'm considering making a wiki. I'm looking for something that more or less works out of the box. I'm experienced with web dev, Hugo in particular

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