Another week, another !

Come watch me build a weird learning tool called the that works like pixely circuitry, every Wednesday at 6:30PM Pacific.

My goal for today is to concisely explain the project's motivations and build a basic brain. 🧠 Let's see some of these electrons march! ⚛️

Okay, I think today's stream went as well as it possibly could have. My motivations got the air time they needed. I'm getting better at the rhythm. And at spelling "rhythm". And the basic implementation of the engine is complete, functioning, and ready to be critiqued into oblivion in the next episode. I still get off topic a little too easily, but I think that's the trade-off. There's a lot to share, and just three hours to do it. Also committing to the repo is a good framing device.


@rezmason I would love to watch your streams but i'm blocking twitch to avoid procrastination. Are your videos on youtube or somewhere else?

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@Matsol I've recorded the two episodes so far and I'm figuring out where to upload them to. I'd prefer Vimeo, but I'm not sure what it'll cost me. I'll make sure you get the URL once I have that figured out. 😊

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