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So I made a Liberapay if you want to support this brand new broadcast platform that is Neuvoids :tealheart:

I don't know who might be interested by this information, but I made a soundcloud:

Can we get all the « good cops » were seing now kneeling and being nice to go stop and arrest their racist violent colleagues please ? Stop hugging black people and start arresting racists.

I forgot to use this account this weekend but I gotta say: black lives matter, all cops are bastards, donate if you're financially comfortable and pick a number that makes you as uncomfortable as the police brutality does

I made my own Gitea server, if someone wants an access, reach my DMs :)

I'm glad this moment of support for Black lives is happening, but it needs to last for longer than a moment. Sadly we've been here many times before. You don't need to wait for another Black person to be killed before you start taking action.

Had fun on the algovoids festival stream last night, doing a fully improvised set.. + those neuvoids
Parisians are pushing stream production to the next level!

Getting back to programming in a more serious way after a year in materials engineering, it feels quite good


IllestPreacha with some A/V livecoding, starting in a few minutes!

This weekend I'm hosting' first A/V algorave festival, featuring a fantastic line-up of livecoding artists from all around the world!
Come check it out 💖



MAY 30 - JUNE 1 2020



Streaming a 1 hour shader stream with music by Aetherflow ( in 3 minutes!

watch here!
:blackle: 💥 🎨

For people here who followed me on twitter : i got locked, my new account is @Merri_stasis

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