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Hey everyone, I'm Merri, I'm a French trans girl from Paris, I study materials engineering, I'm interested in biomaterials in particular. I do music with computers (livecoding/trackers), I'm also a VJ (livecoding/resolume). I run a label called Hàltràny Industries, a broadcast platform ( @neuvoids ) and the French TOPLAP node. I speak French, English and I study Italian and Macedonian. (Still) happy to be here ! :tealheart: :triangle:

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So I made a Liberapay if you want to support this brand new broadcast platform that is Neuvoids :tealheart:

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If anyone needs mixing/mastering for their album/EP, hit me up, prices in PM ! Please consider boosting this toot. 🎶 :tealheart:

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Please consider supporting my experimental netlabel on Patreon, so we can do physical releases and make events :

Got a lot of positive feedback on my posts today.. Thank you everyone

dubstep levels are currently at 50% but fluctuating wildly

(50%) ■■■■■□□□□□

#ff @Merristasis @cyanidedansen

cause they're great baguettes and do cool stuff and are cute

I miss vjing so much, since the Kawaii Café has closed (the place in Paris where we made A LOT of shows, mostly chiptune) I don't vj a lot..

So, I've set three creative goals to my daily life :
- Make at least one doodle every day (traditional or digital drawing, logos, typos... )
- Think and design an UI of an app/website with UX researches every two or three days
- Make a poster-sized illustrations every one or two weeks (or more)

@Merristasis I personally enjoy reading about Plato as his (as well as Pythagoras and Aristotle's) writings of Design and more broadly the nature of things in the world are really interesting and inspiring reads. Greek Philosophers are a great starting point imo. Meno by Plato is a fairly short read but fairly relevant.
Carl Jung also is often referenced in courses I've taken regarding Design Thinking, so he might also be a good author to look into.

Mood : a lot of French-speaking folks on Merveilles
Attitude : speaking English anyway

(I'm asking to a lot of book recommendations here but...)..any nice books about the philosophy of design?

@neauoire @rek Hey, I wish you a nice trip on your way back to Pino, I'm happy for you!

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