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So I made a Liberapay if you want to support this brand new broadcast platform that is Neuvoids :tealheart:

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If anyone needs mixing/mastering for their album/EP, hit me up, prices in PM ! Please consider boosting this toot. 🎶 :tealheart:

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Please consider supporting my experimental netlabel on Patreon, so we can do physical releases and make events :

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Hi ! I'm Merristasis, I make music with computers (Tidal Cycles, SuperCollider, VCVRack, Ableton), I also do vjing with Hydra and sometimes Resolume, I'm currently aiming to study music/arts, I founded a label Hàltràny Industries and I'm the founder of the french TOPLAP node TOPLAP France. My main activity is live coding and creating stuff in general. Happy to be there ! :triangle:


Half deaf but happy, tonight I saw friends I haven't seen for a while at an awesome chiptunes / footwork / neurofunk / speedrun party ( @Merristasis was doing a live set!)

Definitely need to catch up what has been released on the drum & bass scene during the last five years... Got mindblown by the quality of those new stuff!

@Merristasis Yeah, because that was fucking awesome! Feeling bad for only having been here half of the set. Thanks again <3

Did my footwork DJ set and it went fucking well people complimented me a lot wwwwwwww

OK the new trains are cool but WHY ARE THEY SO LOUD

Hit me up if you have a media project that needs sound/music - games, movies, installations of any size, I'd love to talk about it :)

This Friday at 10AM, a Yellow Magic Orchestra playlist crafted by @tomupom on Neuvoids! Stay Tuned!

venting, coding 

venting, coding 

I'm frustrated because I feel powerless, I want to code something but I feel like I'm not good enough to do anything

Nevermind, Elite won't work on LTE and everyone is busy

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