Is there any computer/laptop using a Risc-V CPU? I might build one someday

@Merristasis I know there is devboards so for a start it can be quite nice.
Building a laptop/PC is more of a stretch (Talos-II needed so much years to come…).

@lanodan Yeah I saw some dev boards, I'd like to pick one

@Merristasis the "freedom unleashed" dev board has been used to make a desktop. Not cheap though since it isn't commodity hardware yet.

This is the mainboard:

@Merristasis have been thinking about this all week. I wonder if MNT has any plans in the works

@Merristasis i wish. RISC-V CPUs are are still pretty expensive component-wise

@xj9 @Merristasis it will probably be a while still until they have greater adoption and come down in price 😞

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