Hey fellow who create music and visual art, are you interested in making a VA compilation on my netlabel ( ? Submit one or two tracks, we should also make a zine with the different artworks. Tell me if you are into it!

I will make a doc about the requirements / how we'll organize this. If someone is OK to help me make the zine (since I'm REALLY bad at making zines), please tell me!

@Merristasis I can try to make something ! Not sure if quality will be there but could be fun to do !

@Merristasis Any track length requirements? (What's ideal?)

@Merristasis i can make a track and also make some art for the 'zine, i can get pretty codexseraphinianousy =D

I've never done one but can make a pdf in InDesign (that's what I mostly doing the last decade or so).
If someone wants to collaborate I am ready to try some experimental/free software, like Laidout by @tomsart

One thing I lack right now is time (have red alert with bunch of deadlines, but who hasn't).

@Merristasis idk if my kind of music fits. here's the track we recorded with a friend (who've made guitar solo) some time ago:

and for art i'm totally in!

@suvij Everything fits, it's not only electronic music :)
i really like your track !

@falt_ I'll make a doc with everything you need to know :)

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