Reposting this : if you are on the Merveilles instance and want to participate to the audio + visuals compilation, here's all you need to know

@Merristasis about to link two tracks, is it ok if they’re already on Bandcamp?

@Merristasis what are you looking for for the zine? Visual art or text?

@Merristasis would maybe submit a stripped down version of this, if I find the time to do that

@Merristasis aha, a good reason for me to finish a track before November ! :)
you need some help for the zine ?
Could it be easier if it's a website (with pdf/printable version) ? It would imply potentially a less creative layout, but it has a lot of advantages.

@Merristasis We must discuss further, so. I don't know anything about the zine initiative and what's planned / envisioned.

If there are strong expectations about the pdf design and layout, the "hybrid website possibility" can be risky (generating a pdf from a browser environment is still quite experimental). If so, you will have to use a desktop publishing program like Adobe Indesign, Scribus etc...

How can we discuss this thing further ? Who's involved ?

@electret @Merristasis

I initially planned to quickly brush up a sapper project (svelte/sapper are my weapons of choice), with support of markdown/MDX to ease the administration / contribution. No even need for Node on the server side, as the website should not be very dynamic.


@0gust1 @Merristasis looks good 😎 happy to help as much as needed. I would be keen to play on the print version

@electret @Merristasis
I quickly put up a *very crude and ugly* version of the engine here :

I documented a little in the and tried to put some example in the source files.

Try to clone the repo and run it on your machine, and tell me what you think.

@electret @Merristasis again, it's very very crude, but if you play a little with it you should get the idea.

@Merristasis In defense of the hybrid website/pdf scenario, with a "brutalist/minimalist" esthetic approach, it can be doable/interesting.

@0gust1 We might discuss it on the Slack server of Merveilles !

@Merristasis OMG... I hate slack 😅 😂

Can you give me the URL ? I don't promise anything, but I may try.

If it fits you, people could also discuss in github issues of (we could even move the repo elsewhere, also)

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