I can't tell how much I love footwork and juke, and how these genres/movements changed my life since I discovered them

The first time I heard footwork was in 2012-2013(?), I was listening to a show called Glitch on the formerly french radio Le Mouv', they played Bombaklot by DJ Rashad and DJ Earl, I was amazed

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I feel like I already explained this story but idk, they changed my views on music, they inspired me a lot, I can't get enough of them, I want to create more music of theses genres

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I think algorave/livecoding culture and footwork/juke are the things that completely changed my life, the idea of combining the two was for me a revelation

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I'm writing all these posts because it's 4AM, and also because these days I realize how much these cultures shaped my current life, somehow

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Anyway, keep it 160, and TEKLIFE4EVER

@Merristasis Make that 174. #DNB

(he says, while listening to techno)

@Merristasis "Oui alors c'est de la techno au tempo drum'n'bass, ou de la drum'n'bass mais avec des sons de techno, heu attends je te fais écouter un truc…"

Moi tentant de décrire Bop.

@jkb c'est une mixture d'IDM/DnB/Techno c'est lourd

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