Hey everyone, I'm Merri, I'm a French trans girl from Paris, I study materials engineering, I'm interested in biomaterials in particular. I do music with computers (livecoding/trackers), I'm also a VJ (livecoding/resolume). I run a label called Hàltràny Industries, a broadcast platform ( @neuvoids ) and the French TOPLAP node. I speak French, English and I study Italian and Macedonian. (Still) happy to be here ! :tealheart: :triangle:

@Merristasis So cool! I would love to hear more both about biomaterial engineering and your music production methods.

@freedcreative I'm doing some researches these days about biomaterials, so you'll probably read about it a lot in the next days :D
I often post about my music production too, if you have questions or want to talk about a subject (both in what I study and what I make), don't hesitate :3

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