So, my new netlabel is up and there's already a release on it, it's an EP I made with @neauoire's Orca esoteric language.
It has two sides, a techno one and a glitch one.

Enjoy, it's in NYP, so you can grab it for free or give a little donation !

@Merristasis Listening to it right now, prefect for playing with generative art! :)

@Merristasis This was great! Can I hear more music you've made somewhere else?

@xiroux Thanks a lot !
There are some other stuff on my other netlabel (which is closed and inactive now) but I don't like this stuff anymore lol

@Merristasis I'd love to see the video of the album! Are you going to release it?

@neauoire Mmmh sadly I didn't record the orca sessions on video :(
But I'll do a video clip

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