getting a refurbished Thinkpad T440 soon

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Got 4GB of extra RAM, for a total of 8GB of RAM + a 300GB SSD to replace the internal HDD

@Merristasis what a lucky person you are. May I ask about the price? Perhaps someday I also will purchase exactly same specs. Thank you.

PS: your post appears on my timeline nicely.

@ademalsasa I bought it 239€ ! Which is really cheap for a laptop with these specs/strength. These are now really cheap but worth it a lot!

@Merristasis 239€ in rupiah is around 3.800.000 rupiah. I am Indonesian. So, yes, you are right, apparently it is very cheap! Thanks, to me that specification is a "super computer".

@ademalsasa It's a really good computer for programming and work, I have a main laptop which is way more powerful but also very big and not easy to take with me when I'm moving

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