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Yesterday we released Flux Æterna on France Musique, it's an interactive live stream where you can upload your own audio files. I think some of you may get interested by this :)

Sounds will get transformed by a Max/MSP patch made by Vincent-Raphaël Carinola, Hervé Desjardins and Frédéric Changenet. We produced a binaural HLS/icecast stream and a multichannel installation visible this weekend and the next at Présences festival.

Did you all know that chemistry people use hexagonal grid paper? It looks so cool! I took chem in high school, but I guess we weren't advanced enough to need cool paper. I still don't know anything about chemistry, but it'd be fun to doodle on this kind of paper!

So I helped installing the audio for the mini cookie party organized by the cookie collective and I did a surprise tidal cycles set lol

I'm doing a short DJ set on Neuvoids in like 10 minutes

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