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IllestPreacha with some A/V livecoding, starting in a few minutes!

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This weekend I'm hosting' first A/V algorave festival, featuring a fantastic line-up of livecoding artists from all around the world!
Come check it out 💖



MAY 30 - JUNE 1 2020



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Streaming a 1 hour shader stream with music by Aetherflow ( in 3 minutes!

watch here!
:blackle: 💥 🎨

For people here who followed me on twitter : i got locked, my new account is @Merri_stasis

epilepsy, motion sickness 

messing around with hydra

fuck code fuck design all i want is revenge

Building a mining empire on EVE looks good to me

heyo we are looking for algoravers willing to participate in an online algorave fest on @neuvoids ! if you are interested, fill this form :

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