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Saw this track via Devine on's another version:

the first drop is so fun

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Cellular automata architecture (from a paper by Christopher Langton)

After moving in and out of different things like workflowy, gdocs, dayone, notion, slack, discord, trello...I've been increasingly using just .txt and .csv files for the past half year or so.

Especially if it's just me working on my own, the benefits of any service aren't outweighed by the cost of later having to extricate myself from some startup's proprietary system.

Friday night math fun:

"Helping Machines (and People) Think Clearly about Shape"

"Your expenses are your chains. Reducing them is not about punishing yourself or avoiding guilt -- it's about getting free."

" be intuitive, to notice other people, to make big and small decisions. I went through mild depression and severe fatigue and embarrassing obsessions and strange diets and simplistic new age thinking. It's a long and ugly road, and most of us have to walk it, or something like it, to begin to be free."

"The main thing I was doing during those years was de-institutionalizing myself, learning to navigate the hours of the day and the thoughts in my head with no teacher or boss telling me what to do. I had to learn to relax without getting lethargic, to never put off washing the dishes, to balance the needs of the present and the future, to have spontaneous fun but avoid addiction..."

" It could take months, if you're lucky, or more likely years, before you can build up the life inside you to an intensity where it can drive projects that you actually enjoy and finish, and then it will take more time before you build up enough skill that other people recognize your actions as valuable."

"after many years of activities that were forced, nothing is all you want to do. You might start projects that seem like the kind of thing you're supposed to love doing, music or writing or art, and not finish because nobody is forcing you to finish and it's not really what you want to do."

"when you get this freedom, after many years of activities that were forced, nothing is all you want to do."

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