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Hi! I think it's time for an

I am an autistic, butch aligned non binary trans artist, living on a 36ft narrowboat.

I used to be a visual artist, but now I make music with modular synthesisers, focusing on live coding. I'm really interested in creating narrative sci-fi instrumental pieces that explore what ties to folk tradition look like to interstellar humanity.

When I'm not hunched over a synthesiser, I am cooking, or helping my partner with her garden

First time using midi to cv and first time with pure data, it works! This is a really simple patch that is basically just sending clock and a random sample and hold style voltage from PD.
Overall plan for this is to make a looper in pure data that will keep time with my modular, and use the leftover gate and cv outs of my CVPal to send utilities like sample and hold and chaotic modulation.

After an evening of thinking about what computers could, should, and can't be for me, Ive arrived back at an 8gb pi4. My experience with refurbished laptops have been them being more expensive to fix than replace after a two years. And I can't own a device where all the sensetive computer stuff is placed right under a permeable layer (keyboard) exactly where I spill my drinks (lap). Desktops are too power hungry and not portable enough for the way I live. Low performance is an ok compromise tbh.

Question for mervielles permacomputing folk: what does sustainable and future proof video editing hardware/software look like? Does it exist? Or does video sharing and consuming not exist in collapse computing. Is it tape? Or are music performances, tutorials and video art replaced with local live performance and classes? Almost all my real ties to tech lie in producing and consuming video work and the intensiveness of this always feels at odds with permacomputing ideas.

Ok, final smartphone alternative plan. I'm replacing my 10 year old Mac with a 8gb pi 4 anyway. Basically my only use case for a computer is internet browsing, programming teensys/updating eurorack modules and running live music coding programs like orca and pure data. If I can also make that computer useable in bed, with the interface of a lil handheld, then it would replace 90% of what I use my phone for, and I can use a basic and long lasting Nokia for phone and MP3 use out and about.

Ok, maybe I could sever my Spotify dependency if I used a youTube to MP3 converter for all of the songs I need to be able to go outdoors. It's only slightly more dubious than Spotify itself, and this way I'm not paying a shitty company money. Then I just need a 3G rpi hat, a screen and a battery.
I'm not even sure if I need portable. internet. The idea of outdoors being no internet time is very appealing. Maybe I just need a portable, repairable, calls, text and MP3 capable device.

Portable Spotify player: I am autistic, and often cannot leave the house without a huge and varied library of music that I don't own (and can't afford) downloads of.
Handheld internets: I have ADHD and being able to search random thoughts immediately after I have them wherever I am is very important for regulating my brain and mitigating stress.
Obviously, calls and texts would be important too. Ideally, texts that appear as conversations rather than individual messages.

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My second hand smartphone is slowly but surely giving up and I do not want to buy another smartphone.
If anyone has any suggestions for open and modular smartphone replacements, or even just suggestions for ways of existing without a one I would love to know.
My biggest use cases that tie me to android smartphones is:

I spent all night trying to work out a solution for a cheap looper that will stay in sync with my modular so I can loop acoustic read drums like frame drums and bodhrans as a rhythmic backing my music... Was looking through all these expensive modules and pedals, CV to midi clock converters ect... Then I realised, I'm planning to make a little touchscreen rpi with built in midi to CV, mostly for running orca, but I could also really easily make a clocked live looper in pure data, for free!

Keep going back and forth on different drum modules but I think I might just end up making a bodrhan and pairing it with a looper... Sometimes making the traditional things better than the tech solution

I'm not 100% pleased with the precission, but I have no drum synthesisers so it's the best I could manage. The track needed drums! Very much the direction I want to go in for the future though.

I have a kulning + modular + live säckpipa video currently exporting that I'm really really happy with. After a period of really wide exploration i finally feel like I am beginning to home in on musical spaces I could really find a home in.

Today I made a pibgorn, after planning to make one since last Yule. This one isnt going to stay a pibgorn, the stock is going to be bound into a bag with a drone to make some simple shepherds bagpipes. These were all the rage among shepherds and field workers from as early as the 9th up until a lil before the industrial revolution. Super easy to make with a hollowed out length of elder, a split Reed and then tip of a cow horn.

Took some creepy Darkwood inspired photos while on our trip this week

Finished the sofa and desk, I'm very excited to have a proper lil mostly permenant studio set up! The pup is a little unsure about all these changes, her favourite snooze spots are all mixed up.

Just did a big batch of varnishing in the boat, so we'll be sleeping up on the hill under our favourite tree tonight while it dries. Hammock, hot sun and a cool breeze surrounded by green is dreamy.

If anyone was still unsure as to what Mapcore was, this new post on Map Corps should clear things up

Update from , there is now a bed, on hinges for actually accessible under bed storage! Tomorrow I'll be adding panels under there so we can have sperate bins for crafting fabric, bedsheets, clean clothes and dirty laundry.

Today's the day - moving the bed zone to where the sofa used to be, and the sofa to where the bed is. This should stop the bed getting so cold and damp (and sometimes icy) in winter, as well as moving the bed away from the back door where the dog gets in and out,which should cut down on very muddy bedsheets!

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