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New favourite website ever. Seriously do yourself a favour and go explore (and I do mean explore) wattxtrawatt.com/

Oh btw for anyone wondering, preorders are now available for fully built tele-touch, the project I've been working on for the last few months! oamodular.org/

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#ADHD culture is taking copious notes

so you don't forget

and then forgetting where you put your notes

Finally finished everything that needed to happen to get teletouch PCBs on sale! You can get them here oamodular.org

Built versions will be a available pretty soon too, but will be in very limited runs.

And another, a more direct trautonium improvisation over a generative piano ish thing from norns, fed through the same lo-fi patch turned up to 11, so it sounds like it's from a 1910 performance recorded to gramophone.

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A very lofi track I recorded today, the decaying remnants of an improvised trautonium session caught in nested delays, fed though a warble and distortion patch I've been devising for a while

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Little track I worked on today with trautonium and MLR on Norns

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One thing I really look forward to with tattooing is making little gap fillers between other tattoos, I also have this idea of connecting different tattoos with black-metal-logo-like webbing :3

Laser cut panels for a new all-in-one norns, grid, knob controller device I've been scheming up for the last few days arrived. I love making new contexts for old devices of mine, feels like new equipment even when it's not

First time ever really having to code something that deals with writing to a display and I'm finding it both a headache and quite fun! Got the beginnings of editable subharmonics on my trautonium via the push encoder and screen. Only 2 values for now but eventually there will be 16 in a grid. youtube.com/shorts/52T_oZMn1GU

I hate how much other people wanting me to do stuff that requires newer versions of software than my 10 year old computer can run pressures me into wanting a new computer.
I don't need a new computer.
My computer works fine.
Wanting me to run bloated software that isn't backwards compatible is a you problem.
I WILL use this computer for another 4 years, at which point I will have used the same computer for half my life.

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I guess I forgot my #introduction 😅

I'm Esther (she/her), came over from the bird site yesterday for obvious reasons after side-eyeing Mastodon for years. I'll remain in both places for now but mostly not cross-posting.

I post a lot about queer and trans stuff, tech (a career that I'm just leaving now), my music and art. Also probably more psychology in the future.

There's more stuff here: https://www.selfawaresoup.com

Third and final iteration of tele-touch is ready for release very very soon! This version has a full size front panel, really nice feeling buttons, 4 knobs and 6 sliders. It outputs Usb midi as a device, and i2c as a follower, for communicating with Monome teletype or crow.

Ok researched a bit I to the the lifespan of e Ink displays when used at 15hz refresh rate for monitor usage. It's not great, maybe 300ish 5 hour days. Best option is probably take good care of the computer I have until it wont work anymore, then get a couple year old refurb chosen based on repairability and reliability rather than specs, and take care of that until it doesn't work any more (with luck, that's another 15 years)

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If I can last another 4 years with this iMac, then I will have had it for exactly half my lifetime, which feels very good to me. I want to plan to (if it eventually breaks) build something to replace it that is no more powerful than it has to be to run the programs I use every day (basically Arduino IDE, KiCad, VSCode, web browser), and sips an absolute minimum amount of power.
Probably some kind of raspberry pi. I would looove to get away with using an e paper screen as much as possible too.

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Listened to Becky Chambers Psalm for the Wild Built yesterday and it's got me thinking a lot about the technology I use.
Finding out the toolchain for programming the daisy DSP platform will not run on my 11 year old iMac had me thinking about finally replacing it, but hearing how the main character of this book, at 28, still uses the computer they got on their 11th birthday, and that this is just normal in the world of the book had me completely reconsidering a new (refurb) computer purchase.

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