Reminder that me and @neauoire and @tehn and others will be coming at you live (or live from the past) tomorrow with some live coding goodness!

@Nonverbalpoetry @tehn Looking forward :D I've been rehearsing a lot these past couple of days.

@neauoire @Nonverbalpoetry yeah! debugged and rehearsed, ready for live unpredictability

@Nonverbalpoetry @neauoire @tehn

Looking forward to it!

I meant to promote this Wednesday on Twitch and completely dropped the ball 😣

@liaizon To everyone who's in the lineup, good luck and have fun!

@neauoire @nonmateria not to play favorites everyone rocked flashcrash but uh this was insanely good

@liaizon @neauoire @nonmateria
very impressive indeed..
I like the visual aspect that orca adds as well..

@woozong @liaizon @nonmateria It's nice to follow along, it's nice when there's a bit piece of commented code and you're wondering what it can be-

@neauoire @liaizon @nonmateria
exactly.. always wondering what's coming when I see the comments being removed :-)

@neauoire @liaizon @nonmateria
in a weird way it reminds me of the trackers I mucked with on my c64, long long time ago... but orca is 2d and way more.. dynamic.. interactive.. very cool !

@woozong @neauoire
yeah i often think about orca as a crossover between a tracker and a programming language, and it's so visual that anything i could make as generative (or drawn) visual won't be as fitting as the code itself


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