XXVIII Prickly Cactus

A little late for this weekly, recently started my first part time job and am adjusting. Time feels like it goes by a lot faster, like those days just kind of disappear into the void. But so far, those days have been enjoyable, it's just different. On another note, I think I want to draw more plants. For being a plant lover, I don't draw them enough. It would be a fun, relaxing series. :>

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XXVI Wasn’t able to finish my comic this week, viewing it as more of a side project, so I made a self portrait this week. :)

Another rough sneak peak. Ended up with 3 pages, with 3 to 4 frames each. Its been a lot of fun. :>

Very Rough start on a new comic idea. This might take a while with the angles I'm going to try to attempt. But, have to start somewhere.

I had so much fun practicing my balance, becoming better at pushing, slowly speeding up, and overall just feeling my board. :>

Yesterday, my penny board arrived. @kaemura , @nyloire and I have been wanting a skateboard, and to learn for a long, long time. Seeing @neauoire and @rek skate, we finally got them. This evening, I took mine out for its first spin. Theirs arrived first, so I practiced balancing and riding before getting mine.. It's a great feeling to ride your own board for the first time.

XXV Comic practice! I want to be able to portray small stories. This was fun, and a bit challenging. :>

XXIII Character and expression practice. These were a lot of fun. Silly part is when you notice yourself making the face you are trying to do. :>

XXII A calm, eerie presence lingers in the light and shadows here. Different tones travel in the wind.

XIX Cucumber

One of my favorite snacks. I call it a happy food. ^-^

XVI Three dark eyed junco birds. Saw these while camping this week with @nyloire and @kaemura .. Loved watching those birds skitter along the ground. :>

My first game is done, and is officially on itch.io! A small puzzle game that takes place in a pixel environment. It's called Lithic Ruins. Currently only for windows. If you play it, I hope you like it! ^-^


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