XIX Cucumber

One of my favorite snacks. I call it a happy food. ^-^

XVI Three dark eyed junco birds. Saw these while camping this week with @nyloire and @kaemura .. Loved watching those birds skitter along the ground. :>

My first game is done, and is officially on itch.io! A small puzzle game that takes place in a pixel environment. It's called Lithic Ruins. Currently only for windows. If you play it, I hope you like it! ^-^


XV Connected to cables for analysis to take place in the underlying mechanisms beneath the exterior.

XIII Landing site. Malfunction in the engines upon decent, caused ejection from the module vital. I watched the module fall apart piece by piece, as I pulled my parachute into expansion. Then, my module went out as a massive star would at the end of its life. An explosion.
Terrifying, but beautiful.

I don't usually draw mechs, but I love them and want to be more capable of illustrating them easily. It was challenging getting the shapes right, but I think its a good start. ^-^

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You can only stay idle for a time.
To progress, you must continue.

Living on cliffs, for its far too dangerous below where the creatures lurk in the depths. The village functions off the wind and solar power. We each have a part to play in the survival of our village. On crisp rainy days, we gather by the bonfire and tell the tales of other villages that once existed.

V Rock Spire

Any tips welcome for dealing with perspective! I don't typically draw environments, so its a bit tricky to get right. But its fun, and I want to get better.

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