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Hey, it's been a while. This was nice.

I think it's time to shift from weekly, to less often with my illustrations. I've been stressing about finishing them before the week is up, feeling limited in time and creativity, instead of enjoying the process. School has started, part time work continuing, it's felt a bit hard to focus lately.

XXXII At first, incorporating color into my illustrations felt like I was entirely starting over from scratch. As if I had to rediscover my style, techniques, and it felt confusing. But the techniques I use are all still there in reality, It was just one part of the illustration that was changing. The confusion feels like its dissipating. It's funny how one changing aspect of something you have been doing for a while, can disorient you & make u feel like everything else was lost.

XXXI Finally have a new laptop with a proper screen for doing color. Also, hello affinity, goodbye photoshop! first attempt at color in a loooong time.

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XXVIII Prickly Cactus

A little late for this weekly, recently started my first part time job and am adjusting. Time feels like it goes by a lot faster, like those days just kind of disappear into the void. But so far, those days have been enjoyable, it's just different. On another note, I think I want to draw more plants. For being a plant lover, I don't draw them enough. It would be a fun, relaxing series. :>

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XXVI Wasn’t able to finish my comic this week, viewing it as more of a side project, so I made a self portrait this week. :)

Another rough sneak peak. Ended up with 3 pages, with 3 to 4 frames each. Its been a lot of fun. :>

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Very Rough start on a new comic idea. This might take a while with the angles I'm going to try to attempt. But, have to start somewhere.

I had so much fun practicing my balance, becoming better at pushing, slowly speeding up, and overall just feeling my board. :>

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Yesterday, my penny board arrived. @kaemura , @nyloire and I have been wanting a skateboard, and to learn for a long, long time. Seeing @neauoire and @rek skate, we finally got them. This evening, I took mine out for its first spin. Theirs arrived first, so I practiced balancing and riding before getting mine.. It's a great feeling to ride your own board for the first time.

XXV Comic practice! I want to be able to portray small stories. This was fun, and a bit challenging. :>

XXIII Character and expression practice. These were a lot of fun. Silly part is when you notice yourself making the face you are trying to do. :>

XXII A calm, eerie presence lingers in the light and shadows here. Different tones travel in the wind.

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