It's illegal to enter buildings in the zone as most of them are completely unstable, and due to a new zone administration there's typically no bribing your way out of a situation. Sometimes in the most unsuspecting places you may find street art left behind by a Stalker who risked arrest for something many will never see. Somewhat of a real life Easter egg, or a subtle nod to defiance: "You're not suppose to be here."

Location: Chernobyl Exclusion-zone, Ukraine. 2019.

This post is a gem in the fediverse. Thanks for sharing 🙂

Fantastic and a thumbs up for this great post.
The guy's doing reminds me in #AndreiTarkovsky's Film #Stalker from 1979.

@mario no I've seen it before, I've also read Roadside Picnic

@calculsoberic I absolutely adore Ukraine. The hospitality and kindness I experienced while I was there was incredible.

@Preston Would you believe I haven't gotten to visit there yet?! It was my great grandparents who came over.

@calculsoberic I 150% recommend it, i'm going back sometime soon to see some of the friends I made while I was there. Love it.

@Preston this reminds me so much of prehistoric art found in places like extremely difficult-to-access caves, tucked way in the back, where you have to slither on your stomach to get in there and it's absolutely pitch dark unless you bring light, and anthropologists always say that art in places like that *must* have had ritual or religious significance because of the amount of danger and effort that people needed to go through to make it.

I think humans are just... like this. it's one of the things I'm most proud of about our species. humans gonna human, and sometimes, that's wonderful. 💚

brain worms 

@Preston when the amogus is sus!

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