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Hello, I'm Lucie but you can call me Lime. I've been around the fediverse since 2017 and I'm on Merveilles since uuh, 2018-2019?
I'm a generalist, I like to dig different fields of science and art, mostly linguistics, graphic design, generative art and livecoding. I studied electronics/CS and some chemistry/materials engineering. Pleased to meet you!

Eh, I guess it's something that was always here and will always be here..

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While the programming language "wars" somehow amuse me a bit, it's also really, really annoying

I was listening to it and thought about how this is maybe my fav EP of all time/one of my fav release ever

When I first heard this record years ago, I had absolutely no knowledge of dubstep or 2-step, and it blew my mind. Eternal classic.

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It was really cool to use that VJ tool I'm currently developing on Max in front of people :)
Here's a quick picture of me basically blasting amen breaks and footwork beats really loudly with TidalCycles and Ableton

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Mmh I didn't post about it here, but with the Cookie Collective ( we went to NØ SCHOOL in Nevers, we did a lil' talk about us (I talked about algorave mostly) and we organized a party with audio livecoding and 3 videoprojectors for shaders (and also IBNIZ and the Max patch I'm working on), it was nice!

I finally received my disability allowance, even tho it's only for June and they still owe me money since JULY 2020 I'm kinda relieved 😌

"Il est vrai qu'un bureau de linguiste n'est pas très grand, ce n'est pas un domaine avec beaucoup d'investissement financier, avec beaucoup de gens qui tiennent plus de la prescription que de la description"

But yknow, I got tired of it, I'm not a fan of web development but since I worked at that marketing agency I just hate it now.

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All the jobs I did since I'm 18 were on software development and web development, my first (short) job ever was in an electronics company as a Python developer

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For some reason, I kinda laugh at the fact that I'm struggling a lot with money income, and I'm going in a field of study absolutely not well paid lol

I'm fighting with the financial aid department to get my disability allowance and with the student financial aid department to get a scholarship to avoid paying the student fees (they are not enormous, 262€ per year, but I absolutely don't have money right now)

Also it's good to go back to quieter and more peaceful city..I'm tired of that enormous metropolitan area that is the Île-de-France.

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Even at the biggest city (Caen, population of +106 000) it's way more affordable, but that's no news..

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