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Anyway, let's do a new pinned introduction, shall we ?
I am Camille, I'm a French VJ, DJ and I make music, audiovisual tools and other nerd stuff. I do backend development for a living.
I'm interested in different scientific fields, but mostly linguistics.
I'm also a newbie in gamedev.
My favorite food is ratatouille (if this info is interesting?).
My long-term goal is to build some kind of audiovisual studio featuring narrative experiences and technology.

Thank you for reading me ❤️

The first episode of my new show "Rhythm Game Lifestyle" is now available on replay :

The first episode of my new show on 8Beats is being broadcasted live right now!

This episode focuses on hard-hitting DDR X2 tracks !

Tonight, 9PM CET on 8Beats Radio

The first episode of my new show featuring rhythm games songs, "Rhythm Game Lifestyle"

Be there!

no type system will ever save you from building the wrong thing

boring morning at work (struggling with docker doing weird stuff)

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