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Hello, I'm Lucie but you can call me Lime. I've been around the fediverse since 2017 and I'm on Merveilles since uuh, 2018-2019?
I'm a generalist, I like to dig different fields of science and art, mostly linguistics, graphic design, generative art and livecoding. I studied electronics/CS and some chemistry/materials engineering. Pleased to meet you!

Some news I guess :

- I got a new appartment (not a student housing this time lol)

- I got a job as a software-back end developer and I'm starting tomorrrow

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We got very violent winds last night, multiple power cuts and my inverter screaming at 5AM while I was sleeping

I'm making a new show on a local radio (FM + webradio), I'll give infos soon!!

I reorganized my vjing tool I'm making on Max into blocks, this is way more organized than it was before (it was a complete mess)

(This is the biggest local/student radio in France, I'm like woooow)

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I reached to a local radio for a show proposal, they say they are really interested and want to meet me next Thursday 👀

Well, I found a possible way of doing this, by completing my licenciate in another university then doing a professional master's degree in french sign language interpretation...

i think it's the first time i'm reaaally focused on doing something

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