Podcast project is morphing a bit into a newsletter that can embed podcast episodes. This is going to be interesting...

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Testing out the GoldList Method for learning Esperanto. I'm using it in conjunction with ReadLang and imported blog posts. So far, it can be difficult to compile vocab lists but it definitely seems to be a good system. Just for one headlist I did the following:
- Read an extensively long blog post.
- Mined the vocab.
- Created new sentences for context.
- Wrote them down + their translations.
- Highlighted the vocab words.

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There is a distinction between pushing through discomfort and forcing yourself to do something when you do not feel drawn in any direction.

The former is a process of growth an adaption - a reaction of the self to the environment

The latter is a process of self-restriction and ideology - a reaction to outside ideas of what you 'ought' to do

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As promised, I uploaded the first version of Chronicle, my timeline visualization tool.

Live version:


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And now, terminology:

- Google
- Googling
- Googled
- Duck Duck Go
- Duck Duck Going
- Duck Duck Went

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The smog from the queensland fires, now drifting over auckland, gives the impression of an intense, unending sunset. For who does the sun set, and for who might it return?

Finally recorded a basic intro and outro for my podcast. Still not sure how I'm going to put together the first episode....

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. A lot has happened. Got the pdf's for the botanical name challenge, got a new phone, got a portable mic so I can start a podcast etc. I've been busy but I got Merveilles on my phone as of today.

Ive been working on figuring out what I want to do in the new year. I don't do resolutions anymore but projects, challenges, etc. They work better and I like the fact that I've created something new. So this year I'm working on a gratitude journal via 'presently' app, a nature journal, and a botanical names challenge. We'll see how it goes. ...

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If any of you are into graphic novels you've really got to read Eleanor Davis' The Hard Tomorrow. All too real semi-dystopian fiction that perfectly encapsulates the struggle to build a positive future in modern times.

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I want more .txt websites. Human-readable text-only websites. The only allowed interaction, is scrolling.

Need to fundraise $15 for a book so I can start a botanical Latin and plant identification video group in January.

Wrote some canned responses for the magazine today. Went for a walk in a snowstorm and took some photos. WiFi is iffy to zero so I get to actually accomplish things.

Spending the day learning about my DSLR so I can take some prairie photos in a few weeks for Brontide Journal.

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Finished a short book about minimalism, _Goodbye, things_ by Fumio Sasaki, and left my highlights here. dfr.now.sh/goodbyethings.html

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