Today's goals: Latin review, Walk the dogs, download games, read a book.

@npisanti I'm mainly playing Borderlands 2 at the moment. But I did download The Division 2, FarCry Primal, and World War Z among a few others.

@RadioAngel ah ok, i didn't though you were going to play FPS

i'd like to try something more meditative, maybe some point and click adventure

@npisanti I play a lot of different things. This just happens to be my current games.

@RadioAngel i used to play lots of things (i really loved FPS), but it's some years that almost don't play, being here on merveilles made me want to try again, but most of the time i just play 30 minutes and then i don't like it, i should find something that i really want to play
( i also don't have any powerful hardware )


@npisanti I only play a few hours a week, otherwise I would get bored too. I don't like games with repetitive tasks.

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