I need an alternative to this whole get a new phone every two years thing. -_- I want to keep my phone until it breaks irreparably, not exchange it because apps are no long compatible.

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@xj9 Ooh! I haven't built a cellphone before. Last phone I built was a landline!

@RadioAngel probably Linux phones are here to solve this problem. But i dunno if they will "take off"

@replikvlt Really wish they would already. Otherwise I'm going to have to leave a lot of apps behind in the future.

@RadioAngel The new linux phones that are coming out (Librem 5, Pinephone) look promising on that front.

Otherwise my current android phone is 7 year old and still very usable if you don't mind spending a little bit of time to find lightweight apps

@RadioAngel Fairphone is your best bet. It's probably the most repairable smartphone in existence.

@RadioAngel and then there's me, breaking my android phones irreparabiliy every two years..

@RadioAngel had my iPhone 6s since release. Still have it, works fine


You may be interested in the fairphone? They're designed to last around 7 years. I have a fairphone 1 that lasted longer than that. My fairphone 2 quit working, so I sent away for a part and repaired it in 5 minutes using a pocket knife. (I'm not MacGuyver, it's just meant to be repaired.) Highly recommend, but of course, the greenest phone is the one you already own.

@RadioAngel Like a few others before me, I strongly recommend Fairphone:
Along with the benefits others have listed (ethical, easily repairable) another cool thing is that it'll supported by Lineage OS. So if it's not getting updates that bothers you, not the phone breaking, you can install that and keep your phone up to date for quite a while.

@Mayana Can't get fairphone where I live but... Lineage os is amazing! I can't believe there is dark mode. Definitely will switch to this when I can.

@RadioAngel Damn, that's a shame. I really hope they'll ship to more places in the future.
I hope others can recommend you something else good, then. Perhaps a rugged phone, like those from Cat or Ulefone? My brother has a Ulefone Armor 3, and it's a brick that'll no doubt last a while. But those unfortunately aren't supported by Lineage, so maybe you could take a look at their list of supported devices.

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