I've been working on translating the visual and interactive work I do to formats that can be experienced online. This is an interactive shader-based piece that I created, 'ANATOM', that is currently part of MutekSF's online NEXUS Experience that's happening today. If anyone's interested in checking it out, its currently in the 'ARTIST STUDIOS' at >> nexus.mutek.sf :)

Last night, doing some GLSL experiements w/ KIFS and some post processing, and music from modular synths (Peaks(drums)/Braids/Clouds)

Deep into glsl the past few weeks, honing in on certain techniques I really like. This still is part of "Viscous Duality", a series that I'll be sharing several images from over the next few days :)

If you're in D.C next week, I'm doing a live audiovisual performance at ARTECHOUSE Oct 29 + 30
as part if their new live series. This is a new performance 'Vast', where I will be turning the space into a virtual instrument and audio+visual composition space, exploring 'Vast', a custom system I've made for real-time audio + visual composition.

More info/tix:: dc.artechouse.com/artechouseli

Photos from an interactive light installation 'Intraspection' I presented this past weekend. The installation uses a sensor to detect a person's heartbeat and translate into pulses of light. These photos were taken at the very end of the night, after the rain had brought out the reflections of the lights in the street below::

Sound Sculpting | [still]
Still from full dome audio-reactive generative visuals I've been creating 'drawing with sound' in realtime::

Posted my recent av collab video ≡ │││└ on my website, along with a handful of some of my favorite stills from the project (more on the website) ::

Sharing some photos from my fulldome 'Viscerality' performance last weekend in Denver at Gates Planetarium (All audio, generative visuals, and interaction designed by me, and all live elements are controlled by me in real-time during the performance through gestures and hand movement using sensor enabled gloves (Mi.Mu gloves))::

Another creative project from this past week, I was testing out some low-light settings on a GoPro that I've been using to capture some of my dome performances recently, so this was a fun excuse to test some things while playing around with some projection self-portraits :)

I'm not here as often but I love popping in to see all the amazing things people have been working on, and share some of the creative projects I've been working on recently as well... This week I'm excited to finally be able to share one of the audio + visual collaborations I've been working on (best watched fullscreen, of course) :) ...also, I should warn about lots of flashing imagery >> vimeo.com/351453112

I wouldn't necessarily say I'm 'good' at playing taiko, but I bought a nagado daiko a few years ago when I was taking lessons, and even made a custom stand for it. I played it for the first time in over a year today, for an hour or so. My head's been really noisy lately... I found that spending time drumming can be extremely therapeutic :)

Cymatics Theremin interactive installation I created for the Orlando Science Center's STEAM gallery. This installation is fabricated for extended installation and is now available for other exhibitions. If you are a curator or experience designer for a museum or science center, you can learn more about the installation at: www.synthestruct.com/cymaticstheremin/

New video from the Psymorph installation I showed a few months ago in Orlando, this was from the opening night event (the installation was up for two months) -- This was a fun night :) vimeo.com/320025758

Made a fully interactive version of Ghost Flowers::
Now you can generate an infinite number of different ghost flower patterns, controlled by the movement of your hand. Distance from the sensor controls the size, and left/ right controls the amount of noise/complexity. I designed the flowers to slowly fade away, so there is no definitive beginning or end. The sound is also directly linked to your hand movements, so the audio and the creation of the flowers are synchronized...

Growth of a Ghost Flower
Each image is a creative collaboration between me and the system I made to generate them, allowing me to make some creative decisions during the process, while the system introduces some 'randomness' (noise), so that each one is always unique.

FInished putting together the new VISCERALITY trailer with video from the live performances I did on the dome a few weeks ago! :) vimeo.com/315313302

The growth of a Ghost Flower::
Each image is a creative collaboration between me and the system I made to generate them, allowing me to make some creative decisions during the process, while the system introduces some 'randomness' (noise), so that each one is always unique.

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