The past few days have been amazing, setting everything up for (19!) shows of my VISCERALITY performance in a full dome over the 3 days. Today was the debut and the first 4 shows, and it was such an incredible feeling ♡ 15 more shows to go!

It's crunch time for me, only 4 days until the first performance of Viscerality on Friday! :D Here's a teaser video I just uploaded that I made today with some of the visuals, controlled by the Mi.Mu gloves::

Did an artist talk today on the Psymorph interactive experience and some of my print work for the closing of an exhibition I was part of here in orlando (there was actually a really good turn out, these were pics I took before the talk ^_^

Here's a little sneak peak at some of the visuals I've been creating for one of the scenes for the live audiovisual dome performance I'm presenting in 7 days (it's coming up so fast!). This is definitely the most colorful project I've created ;)

::Sometimes when working on audioreactive visuals it's easy to get sucked in to staring at the screen and lose all sense of productiveness::

@jakub Oh yeah, it's totally different! I've worked w/ the Kinect and Leap Motion as well, and I do enjoy creating interactive experiences with both these, but for performance and being able to control both audio and visuals at the same time, in a way that feels intuitive, the gloves are definitely my favorite :) I visualize & feel things spatially, and so for the performance I'm really focusing on how the gloves allow me to create and manipulate the audio and visuals from a spatial approach.

(Color Warning)
Still sick, but it's been another productive day (other than catching up on sleep :). I haven't actually posted any stills of the dome performance I'm working, so here's a few stills from the scene I'm working on tonight. It's a full dome performance (so that's why the renders are circular). During the performance I will be controlling the movement of these and all other visuals (and audio) in real-time through the sensor-enable gloves::

Posting a little late today because, still sick, but surprising I actually made a lot of progress today working on the Viscerality performance, working on the audio and starting to tighten up all the mappings and controls so I can start rehearsing the full show later this week :)

Doing today's post early since I have a bit of cold today and might forget to post later if I get drowsy from cold meds ^_^

Today's creative post also happens to be what I'm working on at this very moment :) This is part of the Symbionts series (that I posted at least one other of?) I'm getting this one ready for printing next week, apparently it's going to be hanging in a Well's Fargo for the next year along with 2 other generative works I made...

//Side thoughts on dreams...
For as long as I can remember, my dreams have been an important part of who I am, through which I'ved learned many lessons, encountered many fears, woken too soon to lay paralyzed surrounded by various presences, lucidly control how the dream unfolds...but as many times as I have woken, for every day that I have lived, it is still strange in the morning to so suddenly leave the people, conversations, emotions, and lives I come to know when my mind roams as I sleep.

I've been having so much fun working with the MI.MU gloves the past few months! Today's creative post is a very early test from a few months ago when I first started working with the gloves, testing out the yaw/pitch/roll mapping and responsiveness with visuals I'd programmed previously in TouchDesigner. I've been working with much more intricate mappings since this, with both TouchDesigner (for live visuals) and Ableton (live audio) at the same time. >>

Today's creative post is from many years ago when I first started working with Processing and exploring generative drawing. I really loved how these ones turned out, and the patterns that emerged from such simple iterations -

Today's creative post is from my C4D days, during the 1 month I tried to keep up with an everyday C4D post. Today's been filled with working on colorful stuff for Viscerality - visiting Merveilles is always a nice (color) palette cleanser :)

I hope everyone has/is having/was having/ has had a great New Yea's Eve! Today's creative post is my 2018 year-end look at the things I've made this past year (summed up in under 1 minute). It's definitely not under the video max file size for upload, and Its NYE and already celebrating so I'm being a teensy bit lazy and posting an instagram link instead, which is probably for the best, because video contains lots of colors, and children dancing uncontrollably. Enjoy! ^_^

About to get on a plane! Today's creative post is another from the "Temporal Eyes" series, I posted many of these the post month on Twitter, but resharing here now, so hopefully you're not tired of them already ! ^_^

Today's creative post is from a generative drawing project I was exploring, called "Glint", which used realtime EEG data from the Muse to generate images in MaxMsp. This was a very early stage in working with the EEG data a few years ago, so the data was not processed as accurately as more current orojects, but the variations in the data produced an aesthetic I found very beautiful -

Today's creative post is a collaboration video I did w/ Reeps One a few years ago. Often when I listen to music I see visuals of the sounds in my mind, so for this track (which is a beatboxing track, all sounds are created vocally), I ended up creating the video frame by frame, placing geometric shapes w/ visual weight and placements that corresponded to the characteristics of the audio that I saw in my head (with a little creative freedom, of course :) -
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