Last night, doing some GLSL experiements w/ KIFS and some post processing, and music from modular synths (Peaks(drums)/Braids/Clouds)

@gaeel Haha, this one was fun to make ;) The drums are actually from Peaks going through a vcf mixed with Braids > Clouds (and live tweaking of course)

@Synthestruct Looks great. If you are into it would you walk us through the approach you took on the generative visuals?

@salamander Sure! I've been focusing almost entirely on GLSL the past month or so, building on different techniques. The video is working with KIFS (Kaleidoscopic Iterated Function Systems), which produces 3D fractal-looking geometry. I wanted a specific look so the KIFS /shader creates the core of the visuals (the form and movement), and I'm mixing that with some end image processing to draw the lines on the 'geometry'. I have a few variations I really like that I'll be posting also!

@Synthestruct I'm quite curious about the end image processing too. Would love to hear more. Great job!

@Synthestruct this is so cool! I've been struggling to be productive while learning GLSL. Any suggestions on how you found your style while working with such an (at times) unfriendly medium?

@jcmorrow I love focusing primarily on black/white, because it allows me to focus primarily on other things like texture, form, movement, contrast, etc. The exact final look often takes a lot of experimentation and tweaking, so I always like to be aware of all of parameters that make up the scene, and possibilities of how they can be changed/evolve over time. TBH, with glsl there was a learning curve that I knew I had to get past before I could start putting everything together...

@jcmorrow My favorite things in GLSL right now are SDF's, experimenting with displacement and blending functions, and KIFS. You may already know Inigo Quilez?

@Synthestruct Yes! So, SDF's and fractals were the reason I returned to trying to learn GLSL (I messed around with them a bit years ago). I have been following Inigo for a while, but honestly his math chops are so far beyond mine that most of the time his content is almost a foreign language to me.

@Synthestruct Honestly I've been a bit disappointed that a lot of this stuff starts with "well read this basic paper from 1989 and you'll get it..." I read the paper. I got almost nothing from it because I did not understand how to write a distance function for a 4d fractal. I understand that math is hard, but honestly I can't be the only person who would not intuitively know how to do that?! 😆

@jcmorrow You're definitely not the only one :P I love math but had to brush up on some of it the past few years...If the 1989 papers aren't doing it for you (understandably), there's tons of great video tutorials. For example, I've watched a bunch by Art of Code, which are good to follow along on Shadertoy.

@jcmorrow GLSL candefinitely be a commitment, and to do really nice things its good to have an understanding of the code you're writing. As you mentioned, its like learning a can learn a few key things and express yourself, but if you take the time to learn it more in depth then you have the knowledge to consciously create exactlt what you want (which of course leads into aesthetic, etc).

@Synthestruct thanks for the inspiration, your stuff is really wonderful. I'll keep learning 😄

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