So, I'm thinking about something portable without the need to drill holes. I know this will be difficult with mounting it, but I plan on using lightweight materials like bamboo to reduce stress on the canoe.

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It's been a while since I poked my head in here, so Hi!

But I also have a question: does anyone of you know about a DIY project for turning a kayak/canoe into a temporary sail boat?

I'm thinking about something that could be easily carried and strapped to a kayak/canoe.

I had a great week with lots of encouragement doing some Hype Swaps with other creators, hyping each other's games.

I'm sitting on The Moment You Were Born waiting for my sensitivity reader's feedback before I can push that PUBLISH button.

And I'm already thinking about the next game. Actually the next two games.

I joined the Dominos jam and the Postcard jam, both great opportunities to flex some creative muscles.

Working on my backgrounds and textures for The Moment You Were Born. Made a collage of newspaper articles from the day after I was born, withered them with coffee, and had my kids run it over with their bikes.

It's not so easy to find newspaper from my birthyear. Now I was born before WWII, I literally could pick at random because there are so many online archives with newspapers.
Anyway, I found a bunch of stuff from all over the world, printed them and on the weekend I'll work on the collages.
I plan to either the paper with coffee, crumble it up for texture and rip instead of cutting.
Looking forward to it!

Today, I'll browse through old newspapers online to print out articles of things that happened on my birthday, so I can create personal yet ominous collages as background for my next game The Moment You Were Born.

I'm going to check out a little farm/garden on the outskirts of Beijing. Some place to plant vegetables and maybe spend some recreational time.

I had a great idea for The Moment You Were Born. I will look for news paper articles from the day I was born (published the day after) and make collages with them. News articles from all over the world. These are going to be the visual for the booklet.

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I'm working on a pastoral solo journaling game. It's called The Moment You Were Born.

Ask me about it and I'll talk about it!

Plants are amazing. Check out this beautiful periwinkle in our hedge!

I work as student support at my school and today was draining. Lots of listening.

It feels good to help, but it costs quite a bit of energy!

Guess the rhombus is more like a square at a 45* angle, but hey, taking it slow!

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I'm taking it slow here.

First step: figuring out what the rhombus, circle and triangle stand for.

Second step: finding people

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