I'm working on a pastoral solo journaling game. It's called The Moment You Were Born.

Ask me about it and I'll talk about it!

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I had a great idea for The Moment You Were Born. I will look for news paper articles from the day I was born (published the day after) and make collages with them. News articles from all over the world. These are going to be the visual for the booklet.

@WuDeRpg journaling game? I'm interested. Do you have notes online about this project?

@neauoire I'm working mostly offline on my stuff, because any good service to work online (like Google docs) requires a VPN and that's just always trouble.
But the idea is, that you think about the stories you heard about your birth, decide if they tipping the universal scale into a direction (light/dark) and journal stories that bring the scale back to balance.

@neauoire as an example, let's say I heard that my birth was painful and long. I would assign this to a tip into the dark direction of the universal scale. To bring back balance, somewhere something light is happening.
To tell this story, there will be three different ways to get a prompt and from there it's just pure imagination.

@neauoire one of these three ways is build on my own game system, the Element Dice System. It's based on the 5 Elements of ancient East-Asian philosophy and the idea of Yin and Yang.
The second way for prints uses a deck of cards.
The third way uses random things around you that capture your eye in the moment you play.

@WuDeRpg ah! I understand, thanks for explaining, I've seen other things similar to that, it's almost like divination.

@neauoire I'm always happy to talk about my projects!
That parallel to divination is interesting. I personally didn't make that, but thanks for pointing this out. Something to consider.

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