fediverse.space/ is down, does anyone know any alternatives? For activitypub instance searching.

anyone interested in dark version of the merveilles forum? i like the coffee color @cblgh chose, but was wondering if there was enough interest to make pull request

Been reading Bertrand Russell's The Conquest of Happiness. I've found some paragraphs good enough to quote on my personal blog for easier access in the future. This tidbit in particular is finding happiness in other people. twinsandthecrab.com/2022/01/co


new job started today with a smaller IT firm. feels good to be assigned to smaller contracts. i feel as if i have more impact. i am eager for experience. my "career" is only 3 years old. too young perhaps to be jaded by capitalist evils? i need money! does this development platform even interest me? i think it is a good stepping stone. i am open to living an alternative lifestyle given room for failure. i need more patience. good to see merveilles often for inspiration. its the future.

I've been working on a room scheduling app using supabase and angular. Finally got user signup/login working this weekend, but its still on localhost for now.

Why didn't Boston, with both Harvard and MIT, become Silicon Valley? "When you talk about a certain type of person being 'impractical', I don't think that's really the issue. Such people can be very practical when it comes to pursuing their own particular kind of ambition. But their interests may not lie in the commercialization of an idea. Some extremely intelligent, highly skilled people just don't care about money and commerce, and may even despise them." danluu.com/mit-stanford/

the house has a basement and it's been fun jamming a lot more. here's the first piece out of soundcloud.com/jr_guitar/dislo

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Haven't posted an update in a while. Last month I returned to gov IT job part-time after a 9 month stint of willfull unemployment, and my brother and I moved into a rented house. Everything is a bit more settled now, so of course I caught the travel bug.

someone made a (Transistor-Transistor Logic) TTL Forth computer this year aholme.co.uk/Mk1/Architecture.

Oh, I seemed to have found it under the 'refs' tab. New branches just don't show up in summary, tree, or logs tabs I suppose.

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anyone know if sourcehut has some weirdness showing branches? I commited and pushed to remote a new branch but it is still showing JUST the master branch on sourcehut. Refreshed a few times after waiting a few minutes, but now I'm thinking I did something wrong..

Came across restofworld.org/ while browsing today. Human-centric tech news.

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