affinity suite (mac/windows) is 30% off for black friday. around $48 CAD each, once off, for the best design tools around.

My github activity for a few years.
There's a story or two here I'm sure.

Published a "Nutrition" page for GrimGrains, for daily nutritional needs as well as how to better absorb vitamins in foods.
Will update it often.

friends don’t let friends auto update Linux graphics packages

accidentally clicked update on some elementary packages related to graphics. soon as I did I knew what was coming... it broke all of opengl, glx was broken, made my gl driver report as VMware vendor. had to force remove it all and reinstall nvidia drivers, and all gl dev stuff. haven’t tested if it broke vulkan too but sure is not great. I need to find a way to exclude those packages ever showing up cos the elementary updates don’t give any options/nuance like “not that one it’ll break the OS”

so I had been building my ui for theming already, so it wasn't much of a leap to throw these at it @neauoire

(disclaimer: messy quick test hacks etc)

hey friends- i have a little extra cash this month, decided to run some no questions asked microgrants for binders, since they were such a quality of life improvement for me before my top surgery.

here is a form with more info! send me a wishlist link!

the first I'm using for a top down example and the second is for a platformer one

It's time to Môsi:

Just uploaded the 1.0 release to It's a tool for creating little game worlds in your mobile or desktop browser, heavily inspired by Bitsy!

things that failed along the way:
- the rufus process to configure usb
- the usb drive itself
- the installation (several times)
- no wifi, had to upgrade kernel + wifi firmware
- once kernel upgraded, too high for nvidia drivers
- incrementally upgrade kernel till a working wifi + nvidia install (several attempts)
- finally main pc working
- not found (broken symlink somehow, manual fix)
- xlocale.h not found (manual symlink fix, third party code)
- and probably more I just glossed on

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