things that failed along the way:
- the rufus process to configure usb
- the usb drive itself
- the installation (several times)
- no wifi, had to upgrade kernel + wifi firmware
- once kernel upgraded, too high for nvidia drivers
- incrementally upgrade kernel till a working wifi + nvidia install (several attempts)
- finally main pc working
- not found (broken symlink somehow, manual fix)
- xlocale.h not found (manual symlink fix, third party code)
- and probably more I just glossed on

@floatvoid it's hard to discern the type of tool AwesomeDevTools wants to talk about... I wonder if vague guidelines would be useful

you also see a lot of this in programming language pedantry. people arguing in circles but the stuff they're talking about was defined in the 70s and is the backbone of their favourite language...

fascinating to watch people learning about ideas and concepts, then posting think pieces on software/OS stuff that's already been done (often in the 80s!).

if you have any interest at all in 'solutions' in some field, at least read some history of that field as well...

also this wasn't intentional but it reminded me of interlaced delta for glitching

tips for live visual effects; use alternating frames of rotation for fun glitches (see the first few frames show the different rotations, in realtime it just looks trippy)

it's got crates, that means it's a real videogame now. I don't make the rules

and obv, not that anyone owes me or the project anything. I'm content to do the work myself. But shut up about the timing if you're content to leave me doing all the work.

if there's one consistent thing about working on a big project is the type of people that are like "we wanted to help, were going to help, but just didn't instead". Then comes their time to ask "why isn't it done yet is this vaporware" and it's like nah I'm doing all the work myself. If you wanted speed you could have helped...

Good day to meet someone in person that I first met around merveilles! Their set was great.

I forget if I linked this

"A statically typed lisp, without a GC, for real-time applications. "

cc @neauoire

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