"technical death metal generated by neural network and streamed 24/7 it can do vocals and riffs that are physically impossible for humans but it must do them endlessly forever"

via motherboard.vice.com/en_us/art


Reading Akira has got me drawing again, finally got around to sketching my character Adélie.

I might try a higher res version of this without the debug stuff, it'd make a nice header of sorts

hmm, playing around with rainmeter. the problem is i see my desktop maybe once a year, usually by mistake.

what was the windows widget thing I saw @neauoire and others mention on here recently? I can't find it

dev log # 8 is up


See the luxe editor in action, 2018 goals vs outcomes, a c#/c++/wren test, some web samples and much more.

p.s show luxe to your friends.

p.p.s join the luxe discord for live dev news discord.gg/5Q8rGZ7


fly around various extracted geometry from big games from various time frames.

here's height field data from breath of the wild and collision geometry from dark souls one for example.

made a quick remix of this awesome by twitter.com/lunasorcery

view it live here shadertoy.com/view/tslXD4

please also view the original work + their live streams, they're amazing. here's a merveilles style example : shadertoy.com/view/wsB3Rz

rest is here shadertoy.com/user/yx (and on twitter link above)

@ra love your work btw. is that we interface book available anywhere still?

Janet is a functional and imperative programming language and bytecode interpreter. It is a modern lisp, but lists are replaced by other data structures with better utility and performance (arrays, tables, structs, tuples).

The language also supports bridging to native code written in C, meta-programming with macros, and bytecode assembly.


cc @neauoire

been implementing stable cascaded shadow maps in luxeengine.com for fun but didn't like all the literature on the topic, so i've been making tasty visualizations to write about instead. See it in motion here for best results:


(because upload limits!)

Put môsi, my tiny game engine, on itch.io today!



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