made a quick remix of this awesome by

view it live here

please also view the original work + their live streams, they're amazing. here's a merveilles style example :

rest is here (and on twitter link above)

@teknari with some fussing probably sure. somebody somewhere has a shadertoy -> of workflow.

@teknari well I guess it depends on the needs? many of these shaders likely run on desktop GL just fine, I've done webgl api over desktop gl before and the shaders work the same there.

The built in inputs + 'setup' part that makes shadertoy work is a large part of the effort needed to just copy paste them, though.

Porting the logic parts and adapting to your framework if you know how, is the other slower way.


I'm not familiar with this at all.

Just one more thing I would love to play with if I had the time 😠

Need to get bitten by that vampire soon, so that I have all the time.

@npisanti @teknari yep, i'd seen something along the lines before thanks. I don't use oF so I didn't bother to dig, but I've seen a shadertoy adapter in most frameworks/engines

@teknari re: time yea same for everyone. these are all done on livestream and have plenty of explaining going on with regards to what's happening so I'd recommend you watch those as a direct link with examples.

otherwise i've written some stuff about em:

And i'd also check out renderhell, a visual tour of what's going on and how to understand this kinda stuff.

It's a bit of a journey, but fundamentally this stuff is just taught poorly

@npisanti @teknari I generally don't enjoy teaching materials that make too many assumptions but it's a decent option too.

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