things that failed along the way:
- the rufus process to configure usb
- the usb drive itself
- the installation (several times)
- no wifi, had to upgrade kernel + wifi firmware
- once kernel upgraded, too high for nvidia drivers
- incrementally upgrade kernel till a working wifi + nvidia install (several attempts)
- finally main pc working
- not found (broken symlink somehow, manual fix)
- xlocale.h not found (manual symlink fix, third party code)
- and probably more I just glossed on

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@_discovery other distros like arch don't make things easier to use, make things like this easier to fix

(BTW every OS is broken, linux at least is the most fixable one)

i've seen a friend using that, it looks very useful that includes ML packages (even tho i'm not studying ML)

at the moment i start from debian netinst and i have some scripts that puts together my enviroment, it is some kind of 1px lines crunchbang (openbox/conky/tint2), anyway i'm thinking about switching back to archlinux


@neauoire github desktop. I prefer for grabbing apps, here is a post on how BUT the latest version is broken (...). You can download the 2.0.4 release here and then install manually like this

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