Thinking of devoting 4 pomodoros every week to climate research/organizing climate action...

My hometown now has the worst air quality in the world. The city where I currently live has the 5th worst air quality in the world.

I have become used to it and didn't realize this fact until I saw this graphic.

"One Girl Among Many", a tribute to Malala Yusufzai by Arabic jazz musican Yazz Ahmed.

The track features excerpts from Malala's 2013 UN speech.

The album was written as a tribute to female activists.

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for context, I'm considering switching to emacs because it's more flexible and extensible, and because I still haven't been able to create a system that works and is easy to maintain with the cloud-based todo/notes software I've been using over the past couple years

I'm really tempted to start using emacs and org-mode for todos/notes/personal management, but:

- i don't know how i'll manage cross-device sync (need to sync my notes across my personal laptop running linux, work laptop running windows 7, and my Android phone)
- is it just me, or is emacs a little slow? (is it because i'm using spacemacs?)
- i'm worried i'll have to spend a lot of time learning it

anyone else faced these problems, and managed to resolve them?

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Twitter gets to make use of years of work by designers and developers of decentralized social networks and then claim credit for "opening" social media. Ridiculous! All these people working on a volunteer basis in spite of you for so long!!

Trying out Zorin OS Lite.

This almost makes me want to switch to XFCE

What are your favourite sublime text themes?

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I wonder why state education systems teach about Athenian Democracy, without for a moment covering the violent working-class revolution that brought it into place, or the participatory nature of its democracy as opposed to the representative oligarchy we call "democracy" now... hrmmmm 🤔

Getting back into noodle

Made a glitchy orca this morning

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Protect your schedule, including the empty time.

next step is to make the icon turn white on dark themed browsers 🌑

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