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I made my first firefox extension!

It adds a handy button to your toolbar for surfing sites on the webring.

You can install it from here:

and you can read the source here:

Is supposed to look like this on install? How do I get to the desktop?

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I thought to publish this version on #FDroid only. I prepared it for Google but they are tracking videos that can talk about YouTube & co. They asked me to restrict this content.
I am personally for not publishing it on Google. What do you think.

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@Famicoman I saw that you published an article about modding the f91w on your website.

do you think it would be achievable to mod it to include a pomodoro timer?

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Does anyone else feel this need? If I can't find anything like it on the internet, I'm considering building a low-tech, open hardware version of it myself.

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Would rly like to have a simple wristwatch with a pomodoro timer built in. It's something I need daily and I'm tired of relying on shell scripts, apps, and browser extensions for this.

Ideally something like this but with a pomodoro button.

Idea for making personal site: first make it in html only. make it look good in lynx. Once it looks legible and readable in in lynx, start adding css.

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For all of the promising decentralized tech we discuss here, when I read articles about actual internet shutdowns and blocks in today’s world, I don’t hear much about these technologies yet. For example:

Does anyone have any success stories to share?

What could we be doing differently to create things that are more useful (or known) to people that are suffering in these conditions? 【实】

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BTW, Earthstar is a personal project, AGPL, and Not A Blockchain. The goal is to get people onto self-hosted web infrastructure that's small and cheap enough that it's run by the generosity of your friends, moving it from capitalism into the realm of the gift economy.

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If you try to tweet a link to, this is the error message you'll get. Their Twitter account is suspended. What did they do that's so objectionable? They published 269GB of law enforcement data, known as #BlueLeaks -- the foundation of hugely important investigative reporting on police in the United States.

DDoSecrets does have an official Mastodon account now: @ddosecrets

The authenticity of the account is confirmed here:

CC: @FediFollows

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I've been drawing and painting a lot since the recent mushroom trip.

This one's inspired by Biosphere's Sphere of no form track that we listened to during the trip.

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Thank you to all 58 participants in the SDF Summer 2020 Plan9 Boot Camp! Everyone had excellent code submissions, chats and discussions during the event.

We are now announcing the opening of the SDF Fall 2020 Plan9 Boot Camp that now runs From October 2nd through the end of the Year.

Would you like a slice? Just email membership @ for information and to reserve yours right now!


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Experimenting with a new kind of /learn page on my website

Instead of describing what I have been learning, it's now more of an invitation to join in on my learning adventures

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Whoever came up with adding a "Currently Reading" field to their Mastodon profile, great idea! Added to mine ...

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Here, I made another one.

> @rek looks over my screen.

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