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Laurie Spiegel - the Expanding Universe

"You could conceivably file Laurie Spiegel’s The Expanding Universe under “academic computer music”—it is, after all, the product of a pioneering computer scientist who studied composition at Juilliard before going to work at Bell Laboratories, where she contributed code to a number of early computer-music technologies."

"Unwalled.Garden is a kind of 'Souped up RSS.' Every user has a website, they publish their content as files, and they subscribe to each others’ sites."


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Ever wondered why computer games like Simcity and Cities Skylines will selfdestruct the towns if you raise taxes?

Here's a long read about the right wing economic theories that laid the foundation for Simcity when a logic was needed during its creation and then continues to influence game makers (and policy makers) today

(from Logic Magazine)

last.fm seems to think I exclusively listen to instrumental music

I still haven't played this game but I have its score on repeat. Disasterpeace is a genius


SJ Klein, Benjamin Mako Hill, Aaron Swartz and Brad Patrick at the Web 1.0 Elevator Pitch Competition held at Wikimania 2006 at the MIT Museum


to-watch: How markets coopted free software's most powerful weapon (LibrePlanet '18 Keynote)


Scriptures Ft. Zohaib Hassan (Sarangi) by Rudoh

I need to listen to more Pakistani electronic artists

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