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I made my first firefox extension!

It adds a handy button to your toolbar for surfing sites on the webring.

You can install it from here:

and you can read the source here:

On identity, mental health, and biological essentialism:

"There is no essential self that lies pure as a vein of gold under the chaos of experience and chemistry. Anything can be changed, and we must understand the human organism as a sequence of selves that succumb to or choose one another."

from "The Noonday Demon" by Andrew Solomon

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What's the difference between #ClimateProtection and #ClimateJustice?

Climate protection contains two very important aspects:

#ClimateChangeMitigation: trying to avoid the worst of the #ClimateCrisis by taking drastic measures asap! #ActNow

#ClimateChangeAdaptation: trying to prepare for what will come anyway or what's already here. #OurHouseIsOnFire

What is missing and only climate justice contains is:

#ClimateChangeRemidiation: taking responsibility for and trying to undo some of the damage you have already done.

* Take measures to heal nature and #BioDiversity, like through #ReForestation.
* Take in #Refugees that have to flee from #Droughts and #Famine.
* Punish #Ecocide not activism.
* Pay #Reparations to countries that suffer the most from the #ClimateCatastrophe.

If you think that makes me an #Extremist so be it. I'll keep fighting for a better world for you and your kids and grandkids anyway.

What's your definition of climate justice?

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What would you like to know about the #ClimateJusticeMovement?

Hey everybody,
I'm thinking of writing a book about @FridaysForFuture and the @climatejustice movement in general.

I'd like to make it an inside look into the movement with lots of very personal accounts. I'll interview people I know irl, but also anyone here can participate if they want to.

What I'd like to know from you guys right now is what you'd like to read in the book. Obviously I already have some ideas, but I'm sure you can tell me some things I didn't think about. You can tell me suggestions for interview questions, facts that should be included, matters I shouldn't leave out or even ideas for whole chapters.

I'll first write it in German and I'll probably release the whole thing on #WriteFreely under a #CreativeCommons license. An Enlish version will follow and help with the translation will be appreciated. Because of the license anyone can translate it into other languages too.

Thanks for every answer and #boost.

#FridaysForFuture #FFF #ClimateJustice #KlimaGerechtigkeitsBewegung #book #literature #DebutAuthor

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Every time this flashcard comes up in my daily review, I end up drastically underestimating this number.

"Even though the World Wide Web has made hypertext commonplace, indeed ubiquitous, research continues to show that people who read linear text comprehend more, remember more, and learn more than those who read text peppered with links."

from "The Shallows" by Nicholas Carr

Don't know how to feel about this quote

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(work -) 

god damn I hate working in an agency

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Oh gosh check out
substack's gorgeous solarpunk garden computing setup:


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Irony Leftism (-) 

You know what? A lot of folks don't want to do the work on themselves. That's it. They think they can just slap some labels on and think that's work enough. Maybe show up to a protest or two, or more.

You're Gonna Have To Make Yourself Uncomfortable. I'm sorry. That's it. That's literally it.

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Using and together these days.

Articles/webpages I annotate in Hypothesis get sent to Readwise where I can review them daily in spaced repetition-y way.

This has made my corpus of highlights 10x useful.

Are there any cli streaming music players? (that don't rely on spotify)

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A couple of months ago I tooted looking for a vector grid-based editor. Nothing came up so we (Manufactura Independente) set out to make one.

It still has a set of kinks, but it's usable to the point that we've been using it to make a few designs.

We plan to release it in Feb/Mar under a free software copyleft license (AGPL). It runs on the browser with no server-side logic and no tracking.

If you'd like to try the beta and tell us about your experience, that'd be fab! Just reply to this toot and we'll get in touch.

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Logic is now on #mastodon! You can follow us at

New to the decentralized web? We have a great interview with about decentralized social media in our upcoming Security issue. In the meantime, check out his guide:

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Repaired headphone jack: cast into a piece of PVC pipe with some epoxy. Not very green, but better than getting a new set!

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"In college and in my early twenties, music forums and blogs run by individual critics proliferated. [..] it was through them that I heard new music, formed my tastes, and learned how to listen [..] the blogs [..] were surrounded by an even larger network of mp3 blogs, sites that simply made albums available for download, so that I could listen to everything I was reading about.

When people talk about the lost promise of the internet, I think about this little music blogger ecosystem. "

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In about an hour I'll be streaming:
I'll be creating some maps using this lovely tile set:

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