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What if your friends sat down with you to say “I trust you and believe in you, and I want to actively contribute to your success on an ongoing basis”

I think that is what friendship should be. I feel so far from such a thing

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On 04.07 I have finished „Typography: A Very Short Introduction” by Paul Luna.

I like that it concentrates not only on a history of letterforms and printing.
It describes as a complex environment for the text and the reader.

I hope to reread it somewhere in the future.

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"Veonim is a simple modal IDE built on Neovim and VSCode extensions."

This looks really cool.


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Just because it fills you with joy is a good reason as any to start something new

Your reasons will grow more complex as your skills do

Anyone here tried to do data analyisis/data viz on their own Facebook data?

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Thought experiment and possible worldbuilding prompt: Show more

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Update: tried connecting PIlot (github.com/hundredrabbits/Pilo) to Orca, but ran into two problems:

1) I can't seem to make any sounds with Pilot (not sure if this is a matter of me not knowing which keys to press, or a bug in the program)
2) Orca won't automatically connect to Pilot as its MIDI interface :(

What's the fastest way to get started with making music in ? I'm using Linux and have almost no prior DAW experience.

Downloading my Facebook data so I can run it through myfbdata.schloss-post.com/

The filesize is 4.7GB ...

If I greyed out the icons, my homescreens would fit right in with the :merveilles: aesthetic

Hi everyone!

I'm Aadil, a developer, designer, and dropout trying to reinvent himself.

I'm interested in a lot of the same stuff as you guys, like , , , , , , -documentation, and .

In fact, it kind of blows my mind that a community devoted to all these disparate interests even exists.

Looking forward to interacting with you all :merveilles:


Revel in the marvels of the universe.