Found this Kickstarter for a DRM-free, fully open-source (hardware and software) eReader. Also designed to be waterproof and easily repairable.

@aadil I love that idea! Would book selection be an issue, or could you upload the same books you've used on other eReaders? We have a Kindle at home.

@micrackbiron From the specs in the kickstarter, it looks like it'll be handle books of any filetype :)

@aadil Based on a raspberry pi zero = not 100% free software can on it (neither it is 100% free hardware).

@josealberto4444 wow. Didn't know raspberry weren't completely open source


AA batteries are a really stupid choice imo, but its a nice idea. the annoying thing is, it'll take extensive modifications to make that stuff run off of lithium, unless they happen to pick a voltage that is a multiple of 3.7 which is unlikely because AA batteries are 1.5v. at least there's cadmium and nickel hydride as rechargeable alternatives to single-use alkaline batteries.

i wish them success in any case. the more open hardware out there the better :)

@xj9 You should give them this feedback on their kickstarter! Or maybe on their subreddit

From what I can tell there is one person behind the project and they're pretty responsive to community posts.

@xj9 @aadil AA lithium USB rechargable battteries exist now

@aadil this is based on a raspberry pi, so it is *not* fully open source.

The rpi uses a closed first stage bootloader.

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