@aadil This is new. Sept 27 was the date of #EarthStrike . Is this just a rebranding or is it a separate organizing push from the #FridaysForFuture folks?

What makes this different from Earth Strike, and how will it avoid the core issues plaguing ES?


The website says it’s sponsored by 350.org, and it seems pretty clear it’s piggy-backing on the Earth Strike event. As far as I see it, it’s an initiative of 350 to collect email addresses while cheerleading the Earth Strike ‘event’.

On a different note, I’s be curious to know what ’core issues’ you speak of with ES, as I don’t really follow these campaigns.


@wion It actually couldn't tell that it was connected with Earth Strike. In fact I wouldn't even know Earth Strike existed as a parallel effort if @socalledunitedstates hadn't mentioned it


You are correct. I was confusing ‘Earth’ and ‘Climate on the Strike. :)

But it is a 350.org initiative, and it still looks like a strategic move on their part to glean some of the spotlight, or vice versa. (Why September?)

That’s not a bad thing, per se, but I do find a lot of these enviro action communities very brand-conscience, social media loving, and spotlight hungry. That’s how the world is now, I guess.


@wion Yeah I'm noticing some of that in my local group as well; using activism to build personal/organizational brands. Hoping it fades away once the community gets more active @socalledunitedstates

@socalledunitedstates can't confirm if it's a separate organizing effort. I first saw it in a subreddit and then saw it linked in this Guardian article.

It's gained some traction locally, too. There's a group of 200 coordinating in my city (Karachi, Pakistan), and two other cities have their own separate groups too.

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