Voyager by Martin Melin, created with MacPaint.

reminds me of

Mirror Lake, by Mark Ferrari (1996)

/r/vintagepixelart is a goldmine

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@aadil I don't know anything about this, so maybe you can explain: this just looks like paintings that were downsampled to a lower resolution. Why do you find them so impressive?

i find it inspiring that artists managed to create such evocative images with lo-fi graphics tools in the 90s and 80s.

it could also be that after being exposed to so much high-resolution, HDR content daily on Internet, this stuff stands out as minimalist and tasteful to my eyes. these are just guesses though. i just like it because they make me feel a certain way

@aadil Wait, is this actual stuff made in the 80s or 90s? Okay, I find that a bit more impressive.

especially since a lot of these are created with a limited amount of colours. Some of the older systems not only had a restriction on the total amount of colours in the entire image (256, 16 or fewer), but also f.e. on the amount of different colours per line. These restrictions meant that artists often had to be creative not just in *what* they drew, but also *how*.
Fortunately this skill is still practised by some artists, especially in the #demoscene.

@JordiGH @aadil
#RetroGallery at for instance has a nice selection of #pixelart which can be filtered by all sorts of systems (and per system also by format), year, and artist. Detail pages for instance show the resolution and amount of colours used, as well as its source (when known) and group (in case of belonging to a software developer or demoscene group for example).

@aadil I love R. Cobb, never knew he got into digital art. Thanks for this!

@sublingual it's my first time encountering his work :) happy to share!

@aadil somewhere there's a website that has mark ferrari's pieces rendered faithfully with palette shifting for the animations. it's incredible.

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