Any recs for lightweight cheap laptop, Chromebook alternative that can run full Linux?


@floatvoid Thinkpad x220 is a pretty good cheap and light Linux machine

@aadil @floatvoid can vouch for it, my sister has one and it runs Manjaro quite well and is way lighter than my T400

(but the PINE64 laptops look very appealing to me as well, especially the upcoming PineTab)

@csepp I've been using mine quite happily since the start of the year. It's the cheapest laptop I've bought (60 USD!) and the sturdiest one too


@aadil @csepp @floatvoid I wonder if it can support a small high dpi external usb display

@liaizon Haven't tried it. I actually haven't gotten it to work with the ultrawide at home yet, since it only supports VGA and DisplayPort connectors

@aadil @floatvoid
small correction: Manjaro runs fine on it, _except_ for the wifi, which works fine on Windows, but doesn't always work on Manjaro.

but all other X220&Linux users I've heard from seem to be happy with that combo, so it might not be a widespread issue.

@csepp @floatvoid Hmm that's strange. I've never had that problem on elementary and Fedora on my x220. It used to happen on my old Asus though.

@aadil I used an x220 for a year or so and thoroughly enjoyed its size, weight and keyboard. I couldn’t stand the low-resolution display, though. 😔

@amdt yeah the display is v mediocre. I've gotten used to it though

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