When I first joined Mastodon, it was a very white, very Euro-centric space. There was hardly anyone from my cultural background on here.

At the tail end of 2019, things are a lot better. The recent influx of Indian users has made it so that I can follow politics on the other side of the border (specifically ) from inside the fediverse. I'm really happy about that.

Hopefully, in 2020, we will see an influx of Pakistani users as well and the fediverse can become a space for progressive voices from across the subcontinent to connect with each other and build solidarity with each other's movements.

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- « Very white, very Euro-centric, lot BETTER now… »

The fuck… probably because de main developer is German ???
It’s like complaining that there is to much Russian on VK…

Still the moto is: « install it anywhere ».

Where is your instance ? What have you done to make a change ?

But you are right, it is nice to have some news from India on the fediverse, everyone is welcome here, so stop your blabla about colour of skin…

@nautilus ? I didn't say there's anything inherently wrong with the community being of a certain skin color or concentrated in a specific geographic region.

However, for the platform to be inclusive and accessible to people from across the world (and for it to be a viable alternative to Facebook et al), it needs to have a diverse userbase.

Don't misconstrue my post as hatred or bias towards people from Europe/North America. That's pretty uncharitable.

@nautilus As for "doing my part", I have made an intentional effort to onboard more people from my social circle to the fediverse, and I will continue doing so, hopefully with better success in the future.

> "where's your instance?"

You do realize it takes a lot of time, money, and emotional labour to set up an instance? It's not something everyone has the means to do, even if the code is open-source.

@aadil As a European I always had the impression that there was mainly a very strong US population 😉

I concur, however, it is great that more people from other regions of the world are joining. Personally I am hoping to also see more Indonesians at some point. They are second only to the US in terms of Facebook users per capita, and there are many very social activist minded people in Indonesia.

@qcat Perhaps I was just following a lot of Europeans 😅

It would be great to have more people from Indonesia.

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