If you've struggled to get your friends to talk to you on Signal because it's not as "fun" as other chat apps, this website is for you:

It even has anticapalist Pusheen stickers!!

@aadil my biggest struggle is that it can't be used without a smartphone, though :p

@yhancik @aadil signal desktop works alright once you get it set up. I think you can use a burner number for setup

@liaizon @aadil Once you set it up, but you still need a smartphone to do so. I think it starts with scanning a QR code or something, which doesn't work spectacularly well my phone :p

@yhancik @aadil hmm they really need to work on their ecosystem. something must be done!

@liaizon @aadil I'm not sure if they regard it as a flaw or a security feature, though. I'm fine with it, there are numerous alternative that I only ever use with the same friend or two anyway. Matrix/ is fine by me!

@aadil I can't get my friends to use signal, because my family and friends are silly gooses. I'm stuck with WhatsApp and FBM

@eddiepearson amy family still gets annoyed at me for not using Messenger lol

But my Signal contact list has doubled/tripled in the last 12 months. It's a good sign :)

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