EPUB.JS & Open Online Annotation

Resonating with this because so many of my book highlights are spread across/siloed in iBooks/Google Play Books/random files.

@aadil having the same problem myself as well ☹️

it will be the same problem as subtitles to movies - different editions, page numbers, ...

would love a zoom able UI - epub cover thumb > your notes > actual book reader

@tbd It's possible to create that ui with the library!

I'm looking forward to shifting all my reading to a custom epub.js-powered interface, because it will allow me to interact with books exactly the way I want to.

I already have something similar going in my bookshelf hyperdrive in beaker.

@aadil bummer that I cannot access your hyper df3a - just spinning around, downloaded 104.93kb

@tbd dang, let me open my laptop then. I thought with 4 other people hosting/seeding it would stay up most of the time.

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