Beaker has a lovely suite of little social apps now. Pictured are:

- "Friend Gallery" for image/art sharing
- "Blahbity Blog" for microblogging
- "Beaker Reader" for RSS-style blog reading

These feel low-noise and v pleasant to use. The lack of "like/reblog" buttons is also really nice.

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Other plus points:

- If you don't like an app's UI, you can just fork it and change the UI (e.g. change the colors, font, or spacing). The app will continue working with the same social graph. There are already 5 forks of the microblogging app.

- Posts can be easily edited, since they are just markdown files. You don't have to go back and delete + redraft

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- You only see posts from people in your address book. So you will never have the problem of random folks @ing you or being overwhelmed by too many accounts/posts. this makes the network feel more intimate.

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Here's what the "backend" for these apps looks like - your "profile drive", very similar to the home directory in unix. You can edit, move, and rename any of these files as you like.

You can even add an index.html to turn this drive into a personal website. This way, your personal website and your profile on different social apps are one and the same.

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Forgot to share Duxtape, another one of my favorite apps on beaker, for sharing mixtapes.

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hyper urls for apps mentioned:

- Duxtape: hyper://5b69209fc2dfb5eafb82e4031cd43c28ebc61e5cdd4dbdc48310bb62263f53e0/

- Friend Gallery: hyper://dd931b1a42eae334efb349791e653d55775fb8de0741ed5a57ea656f7be73ed6/

- Beaker Reader: hyper://3ea7dfeb5dd2791193295fe976c5e312938fe5948f19c29ab2647c0502df79bc/

- Blahbity Blog: hyper://50178d97ca2502d59fcd156884f7bb882c89056be2ebc65242a69d3944b8587f/

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@aadil When it says "This site wants to … Read your address book in Beaker" how does that work, exactly? Do I have my own copy of the "site" and my address book doesn't leave my system, or am I "uploading" the address book somewhere? Still confused about Beaker, I guess. 😃

@kensanata your address book is stored in your system drive*. It's basically a list of
people's profiles stored as hyper:// addresses.

Social apps crawl the profile drives of people in your address book to retrieve content. For example, the microblogging app fetches posts from people's microblog/ folders.

*system drives are distinct from profile drives since they're private and only meant for you.

@aadil Interested in ragas to dissolve your worries… 😅

@kensanata hyper://e415a4aa22537b200b7365334613a3ad43c0f2daf9dfcc2910e45a926e276354/ ^^

here's the tracklist

may take a while to load tho since the tracks r pretty big.

@kensanata oh hmm that's never happened to me before. you should probably file a bug report so it gets documented. haven't seen it in the issue list so far.

@aadil How does downloading work? I clicked on "download link" for all three, and I see the list in the /downloads section of my Beaker Library, but it's still at 0B / 0B.
Should I be seeing something? I also noticed that there's some weird Allow/Block popup that keeps coming and going in that Duxtape page but without any text (and so I didn't allow anything).

@kensanata that broken popup is probably a UI bug on GNOME. It might be that it's asking for access to your address boom again. Duxtape is a little buggy at times.

Don't know how to fix the tracks not downloading. Happens to me sometimes. Have filed an issue for it at

Sometimes waiting solves it

@aadil did they implement some kind of a discovery algorithm? last time i looked into it, you had to contact people on a different channel and ask them to follow you to be seen, otherwise you'd be blogging into the void as no one could ever find your dat hash..

@leip4Ier There's a public user directory that people can add themselves to. A lot of ppl peruse that to find interesting ppl to follow. That's where I found most of my contacts.

otherwise you just have to ask your friends to add you there/seed your hyperdrives...

@aadil i see.. is the directory a hyperdrive or a regular website?

@leip4Ier regular website! or something like that

@aadil thanks for the reminder been wanting to checkout beaker again. Want to host a mirror of my personal site on the dat protocol.

@aadil Looks like it’s time to try Beaker again. Last time I launched it was months ago and it kept crashing, I haven’t followed the latest updates at all.

@ice yea first couple of weeks it was crashing a lot for me too. Now it is more stable and there's fun stuff popping up every week.

Although there are still bugs with certain apps as evidenced by @kensanata's experience with listening to my mixtape.

@aadil hey this is real nice. thanks for sharing. one question: is it possible to use these apps outside of beaker? i guess im paranoid but having all the logic baked into the browser code feels a bit worrying...but i guess maybe its separate code which uses the beaker API?

@decentral1se yeah these are all separate apps, not baked into beaker itself; they just use its API. Practically, you can't use them outside of Beaker though (at least for now).

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