"A federated, decentralized system of free associations ... seems to be the appropriate form of social organization for an advanced technological society in which humans do not have to be forced into the position of tools, of cogs in the machine."

Oh my god. 🤯

Who is this guy, and why hadn't I heard about him?

@rick_777 @aadil

I believe that this is a very young Noam Chomsky, is it not?

@aadil "...incorporating economic and social institutions..."

Sounds like that's the piece that is currently missing from the Fetiverse. Maybe that would cause more people to get involved and off of the legacy systems like Facebook, Twitter, Instagtam, etc.

@adam I think the scope of what he's talking about is much larger than the fediverse. But it is interesting how the vision of anarchism he as is so structurally similar to how the fediverse works right now

@aadil @thegibson Thanks! Sorry, from my instance I don’t see other comments most of the time. By reaching the direct link (just now), I see it’s a bit crowded. :o

@meduz no worries! I have noticed the same thing happened to me.

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