Does anyone have a guide for screencasting Supercollider/sonic-pi sets on Linux?

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@aadil I've used OBS for audio+video capture (supports both full screen and single-window in X, don't know about Wayland) with JACK to connect from audio things on Linux. Pretty sure SC uses JACK, not sure about sonic-pi (does sonic-pi use SC underneath?).

Debian package is `obs-studio` with executable `obs`.

@mathr so do I just add jack as an audio source in OBS?

@aadil yes and personally i rename it to OBS instead of "JACK input client" which is too generic for my taste (it's what appears in eg qjackctl patch bay)

Simplescreenrecorder captures the desktop and it has an option to capture jack audio output, just make a preset and recall it, i use it a lot with tidalcycles. If you get to rec a multicam setup, OBS does it great

@pierstu Thanks for the tip! Will definitely check it out since I'm having issues with OBS

Did you check your libavcodec and ffmpeg settings? Extra codecs maybe?
I use stock h264 with mp4 output, audio is 320 kbps aac

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