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is an asset pack of neural network generated isometric tiles, for use in your projects. its a complete mess and i'm very proud of it. you can get it for free at -

tonight i am training on ~water~

thought it would lose something but turns out fuzzy NN garbage feels like transparency

this moment of reflection brought by the multiple apologies to loren in my code comments ahaha

when i started learning javascript i did horrible unparsable things like 7-deep nested for loops. then i got better at programming and passing around variables and defining functions and moved away from that type of structure. now that i'm really comfortable in javascript, i make the core logic of my shit... unreadable 7-deep nested for loops.

tonight i implemented groups in the city game! so you can call things like 'forest' or 'cemetery' and it'll populate a section with the appropriate tiles

downloaded a unity demo scene of a snow prefab to see how it was put together!! and wowo some update must have really done a number

i came up on avidgamers dragonriders of pern roleplay forums and no amount of higher education can change this

do folks have open source game engine recs? i'm tired of unity and also tired of rolling my own stuff and i wanna learn something new that i can really morally get behind

finally finished the clouds on this little drawing

finishing up my sfpc slides for tomorrow's workshop and i've got Opinions

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Todd Anderson runs a talk/presentation/performance series in NYC called WordHack for people "working at the intersection of language and technology"—it's consistently excellent and a very important community for me. anyway, he's doing an open call for presenters in 2019: if you're in NYC (or plan to be on any of the listed dates) and you think your work fits the bill, you should sign up!

capitalization rules are important for reading ease and accessibility ofc but i spend enough time on the internet that capitalizing things like a normal person feels like Shouting

making edits to the tabletop game after the last round of playtest responses, and i think i have to change it to use normal capitalization rules instead of all lowercase

i wish i could remember what i screenshotted this from

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