i'm retiring an older collaborative project that never quite got off the ground... BUT in doing so we're releasing the tiles we drew for it into the creative commons. 281 free, hand-drawn isometric tiles, to use in your projects:


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this has been an awful year in many ways but i still believe in working towards a better tomorrow. to that end @abundance and i have drafted an anti-capitalist software license for those of us who want to share software in a way that empowers others without contributing to capitalism as a system. it fills a void for the two of us and we hope it might be useful to you as well!


I have a new tabletop rpg!

The Cloister is a two person storytelling game about a pilot returning to their home planet, and the operator who is helping them to land.

(It is less about feats of engineering and more about the stories we tell ourselves and each other about home.)

The pdf is free / by donation at everestpipkin.itch.io/the-cloi

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Wow, there is a whole public conversation going on inside the Creative Commons copy of 'Twitter & Teargas' via hypothes.is

Now that's what I call hypertext


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The Worm Room, by @abundance

"Wander through an endless series of glasshouses, or turn on the screensaver mode and let it walk for you."

i built a tool for quickly scrubbing metadata from images and selectively painting / blurring faces and identifiable features. it runs on a phone or computer directly in the browser, and doesn't send info anywhere:


streaming some of my video art student's work from the semester tonight. they really killed it! i'm super proud of them. we're starting at 7 EDT if anyone wants to come visit. twitch.tv/evereverest

Because we can't celebrate in person this year, I built my students a final showcase out of a 1988 Hypercard Application about the steam tunnels that run under our school. Come hang out! Play their games! Be an icon of a pterodactyl!


for folks looking for an additional, itch.io home for their work - one of my students is running an abandonware jam right now! hypercard definitely fits the call ~ itch.io/jam/abandonjam

welp, none of those 5 spare drives have survived the interim 2 decades. moving on to disassembling g4 number two, which wouldn't boot, to move its drive into g4 number one, which will.

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the only computer that booted right away didn't have classic installed. this means replacing harddrives, of which i have 5 that match and hoping one goes. odler computers should be easier to deal with but replacing the hard drive on g4s is a nightmare - you basically have to take apart the whole thing! @~@ (following ifixit.com/Guide/iBook+G4+12-I)

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tryin to do right (i’ve never been this prepared before ahah)

did anyone already post this 1987 hypercard broadcast? its kitschy and wild and i always show it to my students when we talk about protointernets and early accessible gamedev tools :)


i've put together a list of hundreds (!) of open source, experimental, and tiny tools for interactive, web, and game development

this rose out of my weird tools games class, where we have been talking about walled gardens, the politics and aesthetics that tools carry with them, the edges of “tool” and where it intersects with “game” or “playful media” and how much a tool can say about its maker

(but i also thought this resource might be particularly useful now ~)


i made a little piece of game-like hypertext for <speculation jam> which ran last week on itch

i was thinking about files, circulation networks, curation and gifting :


for reasons i'm not totally clear on, maybe mostly for me, i spent my free time the last few days making a public-facing web interface for my screenshot clutter folder ..

been thinking about my cozy relationship with my desktop filesystem and how to bring that to the public web, and perhaps idk be a reference point to the detritus and scraps i file away to remember time by

it'll update itself as things get placed there . here is my scrapbook


maybe notably, i'm trying something weird in the games class which is itch.io as my turn-in tool and archive for student work. so far so good? the idea is to run a private jam from the class account, which all the students follow with their own accounts, then they join the jam and submit work for each project. if it works out it'll be a gamechanger for me, in a like "lets get your student projects into the ecosystem of games asap" kind of way

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first week of the semester down~

i'm teaching a video art class (not my field but kind of a joy tbh) and we spent the first week talking about the long histories of cinema, from shadow puppets + camera obscuras to the very first inklings of hollywood. got to watch a lot of cool old movies

in my games class (focusing on radical games and software toolkits) we hacked new games together out of old boardgame pieces, then did a deep-dive into tools, their long human histories, all they're bundled w

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