seeking additional references for monday's class 

an essay i published in logic magazine's play issue last winter is now online. its on playing a profoundly broken but ultimately meaningful game of rune factory 3:

i've been hosting my bots and webtoys off a server in my home, but now that i'm back on a city grid that doesn't offer green power the ecological underpinnings of that choice feel pretty moot. do y'all have hosting services that you use that are a) not vicious tech giants b) actually do the work of reducing and offsetting power usage? seeking recommendations

Friends, I've just released a small tabletop heist and decoration game where you play as a family of tiny borrowers in a big human house.

Its played in a physical home, with the real objects that are there, and (though its got a cute vibe) pokes at issues of collection, preciousness, and resources- and how those lines split differently for different people.

Go on borrowing missions! Build your nest! Don't get caught!

Junk Nest City is pay what you want over on itch ~

i know it doesn't look like much, but this messy screenshot represents a ton of a new systems work under the hood

Here is a long thread on keeping moss as a houseplant that I pulled off my twitter, wrapped up as a blog post - so now you can read about practical moss gardening without having to visit that website :>

its free rpg day, so i've made my collaborative worldbuilding game The Ground Itself pwyw on itch till midnight!


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Apparently, The North Face recently defaced Wikipedia as part of an advertising campaign, further proving that having brands on the web is totally fun and very good :blobderpy:

i've just updated Mushy (my NN generated isometric tilepack) with downloads for each tile broken up individually, as opposed to in a big spritesheet. these also have fully transparent backgrounds which should make things easier! its still free. update here -->

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Hey so capitalism and fixing things and robot hoovers!

A fun thing about being a fixy sort of person is the stuff that rich people throw away or sell super-cheap. Rich people don't bother fixing things, they just throw the thing away and buy a new one, and half the time the thing is very easily repaired!

Which brings us to Roombas! They're great. They're for rich people. I've got two, and I'm a LONG way off being rich!

500 series Roombas are very cheap on Craigslist. Let's look inside one!

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here is a new project that i've been poking at slowly for a few years now -->

6 generative screensavers, free on itch

generated by intentionally inducing intense compression artifacts into thumbnail-sized pictures, then upscaling with detail generation at 50-100X magnification

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