i've put together a list of hundreds (!) of open source, experimental, and tiny tools for interactive, web, and game development

this rose out of my weird tools games class, where we have been talking about walled gardens, the politics and aesthetics that tools carry with them, the edges of “tool” and where it intersects with “game” or “playful media” and how much a tool can say about its maker

(but i also thought this resource might be particularly useful now ~)


i made a little piece of game-like hypertext for <speculation jam> which ran last week on itch

i was thinking about files, circulation networks, curation and gifting :


for reasons i'm not totally clear on, maybe mostly for me, i spent my free time the last few days making a public-facing web interface for my screenshot clutter folder ..

been thinking about my cozy relationship with my desktop filesystem and how to bring that to the public web, and perhaps idk be a reference point to the detritus and scraps i file away to remember time by

it'll update itself as things get placed there . here is my scrapbook


maybe notably, i'm trying something weird in the games class which is itch.io as my turn-in tool and archive for student work. so far so good? the idea is to run a private jam from the class account, which all the students follow with their own accounts, then they join the jam and submit work for each project. if it works out it'll be a gamechanger for me, in a like "lets get your student projects into the ecosystem of games asap" kind of way

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first week of the semester down~

i'm teaching a video art class (not my field but kind of a joy tbh) and we spent the first week talking about the long histories of cinema, from shadow puppets + camera obscuras to the very first inklings of hollywood. got to watch a lot of cool old movies

in my games class (focusing on radical games and software toolkits) we hacked new games together out of old boardgame pieces, then did a deep-dive into tools, their long human histories, all they're bundled w

heres the code! it fits in a post. to run this you need an image (or other) file "i" and a text file "t" in the same directory as the code is running. written in node.js:

fs=require('fs');fs.readFile('t','utf8',(e,t)=>{fs.readFile('i',(e,i)=>{a=[];e=t.match(/(\w+)/gm);u=w=0;for(x of i.values()){if(x>31){w=w+x}else{a.push(w);w=0}}for(;u<a.length;u++){for(k=0;k<e.length;k++){g=y=0;for(;y<e[k].length;y++){g=g+e[k][y].charCodeAt(0)}if(a[u]==g){a[u]=e[k];break}}}console.log(a.join(" "))})})

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spent last night on a nanonanogenmo and although i couldn't get it down quite to 256 characters (mine clocked at 319) it is still a weird little micro encoding poem!

ladder tries to visualize the buffer/encoding of an image file as text by extracting byte values from both a .txt and image file, doing value equivalency from image bits to words

here it is running the project gutenberg text "Pleasures of the Telescope" on this image of the miracle of the sun

writeup-> github.com/NaNoGenMo/2019/issu

also relevant! here is a little primer i together for my class last month. on trying to support yourself as an artist on the internet ~ etiquette, applications, etc



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HEY ARTISTS and general people who are looking for creative opportunities -->

i'm sharing what might be my life's work, which is a spreadsheet of almost 400 places that hold regular open calls for residencies, shows, and funding

y'all deserve this and we gotta take care of each other. apply to things and get that support:


i've been filling these requests this afternoon, but i still have some funds for this so please share widely where needed ->

free binders/chest compression garments! useful for trans, nb, and gnc folks, or for folks who need em for any other reason


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hey friends- i have a little extra cash this month, decided to run some no questions asked microgrants for binders, since they were such a quality of life improvement for me before my top surgery.

here is a form with more info! send me a wishlist link!


last month i put together these slides on edible plants and urban foraging, for a ""real"" conference among friends, and now you too can enjoy this fever dream about your local tasty plants if you wanna.

the powerpoint -> docs.google.com/presentation/d

hello i am speaking at roguelike.club at 2:30 PST (in 5 minutes). they're streaming talks live~

seeking additional references for monday's class 

an essay i published in logic magazine's play issue last winter is now online. its on playing a profoundly broken but ultimately meaningful game of rune factory 3:


i've been hosting my bots and webtoys off a server in my home, but now that i'm back on a city grid that doesn't offer green power the ecological underpinnings of that choice feel pretty moot. do y'all have hosting services that you use that are a) not vicious tech giants b) actually do the work of reducing and offsetting power usage? seeking recommendations

Friends, I've just released a small tabletop heist and decoration game where you play as a family of tiny borrowers in a big human house.

Its played in a physical home, with the real objects that are there, and (though its got a cute vibe) pokes at issues of collection, preciousness, and resources- and how those lines split differently for different people.

Go on borrowing missions! Build your nest! Don't get caught!

Junk Nest City is pay what you want over on itch ~


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