last week, i finished a new game -

Shell Song is an audio & hypertext piece about voices, bodies, corporate software packages, transness, and surveillance but maybe mostly about coming face to face with a ghost of your body already present in a dataset, and the knowledge that this ghost may yet come to outlive you

re: "You don't see a lot of stutterers on screen" have you seen Bee and Puppycat and if yes what did you think of Deckard?

@csepp i only watched the pilot! maybe i'll go back to it?

@abundance it's definitely worth a watch. maybe on VRV if you can access that. Season 2 got leaked so the show's future is pretty uncertain. (i am but a mere european, so they won't take my money.)

@abundance This is really, well, evocative. Thank you for sharing.

@abundance Congrats! I also wonder if you'd find the current Destiny 2 storyline somewhat interesting.

@d oo i'm interested but i've never played destiny and am a bit worried i might play... too much ... destiny if i let myself go down that route

@abundance It is indeed a dangerous road, but I work on a site that collates all the lore (, if you're keen to just dip your toes in.

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