i've spent the last 6 months mad about nfts. and i guess i finally got mad enough to write it all down. ->


Yeah. The whole “I can air travel now because air travel will be made climate safe in the future with new tech” is similar. Like, the obv retort is “Ok, if you’re so sure about that, then just hold off on that trip until that new tech arrives.”

“I can shoot my foot today because next Wednesday they’ll invent bullets softer than kisses.”


That doesn’t mean those bullets are softer than kisses now so you’re doing a lot of damage that future soft bullets won’t undo and
I kinda feel like you don’t even believe your unfounded claim about the future tech thing because you obv aren’t holding your own breath for it, so why should anyone else?

@Sandra @abundance everything will be fixed by future technology. Replace a couple of words there by ‘god’ and you’ve got a new religion.

@abundance this was really good to read. the part of me that gets excited about math and "tokens" and such wanted NFTs to be something good, but even a subset of these downsides would be enough for it to be, uh, clearly not

@abundance really interesting read - thank you for summarising the topic so clearly! I’d heard of NFTs but I had no idea of the level of environmental impact they, or Etherium in general, have. This has definitely opened my eyes, and I hope it can open others’ eyes too.

@abundance thank you for that, that was an excellent read. Really appreciate the effort you put into it, even though it seems it wasn’t the most enjoyable process...?

@abundance Small addition to the list of proof types:
Spritely's OCAP "coins" could be an actual green alternative, but with very different economics.

@clacke @abundance Hold up I have a thread about this somewhere.... found it:
Search for "Hyptis" on for the tech part and see this for an outline of the economics part

@abundance I often struggle to explain the problems with crypto (and, to a lesser extent, cryptoart) to my students.

This is something I'll definitely have them read in the next edition of the course, though. Thanks for writing it!

@abundance "You can see the energy usage and emissions of individual NFTs at"

nice =)

@abundance great read, hopefully becomes an easy touch stone for many.

The "futures, but certain by design" analogy is really insightful.

@abundance thank you very much for writing this everest 🙏


oh, I read that as 'ntfs' & was expecting network filesystem discourse

but this is good too, thanks

@abundance I wrote an article you can send to people when they say "Cryptocurrencies are killing the planet". tl;dr Cryptocurrencies aren't killing the planet, fossil fuel industry is killing the planet.
If you use "intellectual property" unironically, you already subscribe to reprehensible value system.

@abundance It seems the article is making it's rounds - today I've seen it shared in a RPG community I am a part of :)

@abundance thanks for writing this article! I'm still trying to position myself on this subject, having doubts because it can also lead to a fair remuneration of artists for their content, but your point of view is very valid, and contains good arguments

@abundance I read this a few days ago. It really, really helped reinforce what I intuitively understood.

@abundance thank you much for this, bookmarking and reading as soon as I got a minute.

@abundance An incredibly well-rounded and informative article about the mirror effect of cryptomining and the, once again, benefit this presents to the already powerful. Fuck NFT's.

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