i've tagged out 600+ open source, experimental and tiny tools by their qualities and built a new website for sorting through them!

these are all tools towards joyful digital creation, with the goal of enabling working entirely outside of proprietary systems- moving instead from one hand-made software to another.

(the list takes submissions if it is missing yours >:))

@tty thank you so much! there is a submission form linked at the top of the website which goes right into the spreadsheet it pulls from :)

@abundance np! Is this a request to use the form vs tooting @ you, or just info for my future reference?

@abundance ooo this is super neat! One piece of feedback though: I think having the various applications in a single-column list would maybe be a bit more readable?

I find myself shrinking the browser window super narrow so that it's just one column and I can read through the various tools individually more easily.

@reed this is good feedback! i'll try it out on my end

@abundance Ah, I only just now noticed that it's also available in plain markdown, which means it's totally readable there :)
@abundance It seems like you set the background color on the buttons but not the foreground color: making it a bit unreadable on a dark theme :)

@abundance Neat! why does the page have Google on it, and not work when said Google is blocked? (Fortunately there's the Markdown version on Github, but that also means we have to go to Github.)

@IceWolf it uses google sheets for spreadsheet management - i tried first with ethercalc but couldn't make it play nice

@abundance Hm, stays empty for me: no tags shown, nothing. Just says "Loading…" So unfortunately doesn't work "entirely outside of closed production ecosystems": I've permitted JavaScript for your site, but not for Google. A real pity :cry: Maybe use a Cryptpad sheet instead?

@yellowbeard @abundance Yes, I like this much better than the corporate whites and blues.

@abundance Great job! Love the easy filtering.

I agree with @reed that it would be useful to have the option to view things in a single column, or neatly aligned columns.

@abundance unity is not open source and not an experimental tiny tool. promote instead

@abundance This is awesome. The only critique i really have, is that you base this on Google spreadsheets. One more script that follows us through the internet. I started using #cryptpad for this, eventualy check this out. Anyway, great idea.

@jayrope there is some css bug that seems to be particular to firefox 78.9.0 on a mac that i'm trying to figure out, please let me know if this doesn't describe you so i can look into it. (the project started on an etherpad but i couldn't get it to work reliably as a backend no matter what i did. the project is MIT licensed though so you're welcome to take it to other platforms)

@abundance ... merci/spazibo/danke/kiitos/takk/thanks!

First thing I clicked on was ascii/text, and in there, first thing, was a petscii editor. Which is NOT java (which I am allergic to) and ... well I'm set.

Mind you I have a TON of other things here but this also made my day (something else did earlier...)

@abundance A) You're amazing.
B) Would my static site generator qualify?

@d ah! thank you and sorry i missed this! and yes, absolutely

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