It warms my heart how someone wrote this impressive 512 byte game for wasm4 using their very own homebrew web assembly programming language.

kids, probably: wow those games look so shitty

me: well you gotta play them on a shitty tv and then it cancels itself out and looks good, actually

I just added dependency-free binaries for WASM-4. No nodejs/npm required!

New game for WASM-4 built by Tomas Tulka!

WASM-4 is a fantasy console running on a CPU

Soft launching my new project, a fantasy game console using the WebAssembly CPU architecture:

It's kinda like if and had a baby.

Started working on a playground type of site. I haven't got the assembler working in the web yet but most of the demo roms run!

Some details about the very NES-like APU:

- 4 channels (2 pulse waves, 1 triangle wave, 1 noise channel)
- 4 duty cycle modes for the pulse channels
- Easy ADSR envelopes and frequency slides

The intent is to expose the same capabilities as the NES/GB but in a friendlier way. Just call tone() with sensible params instead of having to fiddle with packing bits into sound registers

The palette has been further reduced to FOUR dazzling colors! The palette will be customizable to allow for creativity, while still giving games a somewhat shared gameboyish aesthetic.

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I've been researching very small raster fonts for wasmbox and stumbled across a real life example of a 3x4 pixel font while out walking. It even supports subpixel rendering 😉

The default 16 color palette I'm going to be using, with color 0 reserved for "transparent".

A robust little platformer game test for what I'm calling WasmBox. The cartridge file size is 990 bytes!

I'm prototyping a wasm-based fantasy console, and keep cutting the system specs. 320x240 resolution? Actually, let's do 160x144. 256 colors? Nevermind, 16 colors. This thing is going to be a blinking LED by the time I'm done.

Experimenting with supporting embedding programs into QR codes.

Note that this is not just a link to a rom stored on the web. The rom is fully contained within the image itself. When this image is deleted (or the paper it's printed on destroyed), the rom will be lost!

Also thanks to the way wasm manages memory, it should be possible to not only handle save-states, but also hot-reloading of the program code while preserving state (live coding)

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