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Tiny taste of Ryoji Ikeda 12XGA Installation at Onassi Stegi Cultural Center in Greece =)

nails rant part 2 

Showing off my nails My brand new music video is out and i couldnt be happier! Check it out and share it a friend with peculiar music tastes =)

My new album, called “Gravity”, is finally released and i couldn’t be more excited! Head over to and have a listen or grab your copy! - If anyone needs a download code, don’t hesitate to DM me. Thank you guys

Can't believe i made that far. Finally, i sends midi / got sound yay! Still so much to do thought =)

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Asking for financial help 

When the compiler fails to build and the error is generic as “i have no idea why but i dont feel like providing you some executable dude” sucks. Almost 2019 and debugging still feels like it always does. Ughh

Each of these 16 rectangles will be a sequencer step which will trig some midi note on a laser hit. The plan is too add various knobs to control the spaceship movement, such as fire per x steps, define a window of movement, adjust it, and so on.

Spend the whole day trying compile a Hello World VST2 (not vst3, nor AU, etc) using JUCE framework, only to realize that a couple of months ago Steinberg seized the VST2 support in order to force developers to use exclusively their VST3 SDK *aghhhh* and JUCE followed their decision — On the bright side downgrading the framework finally made the trick — Next step is to refresh my C++ skills *burst in tears of agony*

Had an idea of a VST midi sequencer, inspired by Space Invaders and ORCA. Did some initial note taking and researched for the available frameworks to build a VST. Seems like JUCE ( is the way to go.

Anyone has any experience building a VST plugin?

Among other things, the interaction with is giving me motivation to simplify my workflow, or find the tools to do that (preferably achromatic that is :xoka: ). I make peace with the fact that im constantly between an active and hiatus state, balancing family-work-music-personal demons, etc; nevertheless i remain aware of the ever-lasting stream of information of the - which makes it feel as cozy digital shelter. Enjoy these days guys. All the best =)

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