Tiny taste of Ryoji Ikeda 12XGA Installation at Onassi Stegi Cultural Center in Greece =)

nails rant part 2 

Showing off my nails 

youtu.be/tfAwzgNzyB0 My brand new music video is out and i couldnt be happier! Check it out and share it a friend with peculiar music tastes =)

My new album, called “Gravity”, is finally released and i couldn’t be more excited! Head over to aevin.bandcamp.com/album/gravi and have a listen or grab your copy! - If anyone needs a download code, don’t hesitate to DM me. Thank you guys

Can't believe i made that far. Finally, i sends midi / got sound yay! Still so much to do thought =)

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Asking for financial help 

When the compiler fails to build and the error is generic as “i have no idea why but i dont feel like providing you some executable dude” sucks. Almost 2019 and debugging still feels like it always does. Ughh

Each of these 16 rectangles will be a sequencer step which will trig some midi note on a laser hit. The plan is too add various knobs to control the spaceship movement, such as fire per x steps, define a window of movement, adjust it, and so on.

Spend the whole day trying compile a Hello World VST2 (not vst3, nor AU, etc) using JUCE framework, only to realize that a couple of months ago Steinberg seized the VST2 support in order to force developers to use exclusively their VST3 SDK *aghhhh* and JUCE followed their decision — On the bright side downgrading the framework finally made the trick — Next step is to refresh my C++ skills *burst in tears of agony*

Had an idea of a VST midi sequencer, inspired by Space Invaders and ORCA. Did some initial note taking and researched for the available frameworks to build a VST. Seems like JUCE (juce.com) is the way to go.

Anyone has any experience building a VST plugin?

Among other things, the interaction with is giving me motivation to simplify my workflow, or find the tools to do that (preferably achromatic that is :xoka: ). I make peace with the fact that im constantly between an active and hiatus state, balancing family-work-music-personal demons, etc; nevertheless i remain aware of the ever-lasting stream of information of the M.town - which makes it feel as cozy digital shelter. Enjoy these days guys. All the best =)

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Today's creative post is another from the experimental cymatics vault. This video (link below) is a 20 minute uncut recording of some behavior that fascinated me one night, as I watched the 8 circles (reflections of the light source on the water) merge and divide like cellular mitosis at some points, and align perfectly at other points. The name "Pareidolia" is the phenomena of seeing faces, which happened frequently with this experiment (full video link >>

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